Epic Video Shows Officer Fire Through Windshield to Stop Murder Suspects

Epic footage from a police car dash-cam shows the final moments of a high-speed chase of two murder suspects in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the video, Officer William Umana is seen pursuing the suspects, which he ends up stopping by shooting at them through his own windshield. Before firing his own weapon, the pair had fired upon Officer Umana a total of 34 times. Moments before the chase began, the two suspects, Fidel Miranda and Rene Nunez, allegedly fatally shot a man at a nearby carwash. The suspects fled from a traffic stop aimed at investigating the murder, which led the officers on a pursuit. In total, they fired at officers over 60 times, but none were wounded.

Once Officer Umana has the suspects’ SUV isolated off the highway and down a street, he begins firing upon them – through his own windshield. With one hand on the wheel and another on his gun, Umana fired a number of shots at the suspects’ SUV. The SUV, with its rear and back windows, shot out, stops and drifts toward the side of a building, as Umana pulls up to their side, unloading more rounds from his drivers-side window. The SUV crashes into that building, and one suspect (Nunez) bailed from the vehicle, while the driver (Miranda) was killed as he attempted to reverse towards officers.

Nunez ran from the vehicle and tried to hide on school grounds, before being caught and arrested. He faces a number of charges, including murder. He’s currently being treated for a gunshot wound.

Watch below:

Nunez has been convicted three times previously and also has been arrested on robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery and grand larceny auto charges. Miranda had previously been convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery and arrested for robbery, kidnapping, grand larceny auto, prohibited person in possession of a firearm and narcotics.

The officer received an outpouring of support across social media:

The San Francisco Police Officer’s Association weighed in that the police in their city would be treated like the criminals had they done such a thing.

And the sad part is, they’re probably right!

Officer Umana is a true hero and this video demonstrates the risks police officers across the country to protect the American public.


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  • The only way that the Democrat Party can ever hope to be in the ascendancy again is to start a successful revolution in America much like the Socialist did in Russia and the Weimar Republic of Germany during the First World War. The Democrat Party therefor takes a dim view of the police shooting their campaign workers which is all that these two hoods are.

  • The same people that complain about how the cop got these guys are the same people that blame the cops when the killers escape too kill again

  • I say the cop a hero. It better than those lame ass police chase in LA California with the Media overhead videotaping it (15 minutes of fame ops I mean Shame) that risk the lives of other people. He was not a mile away when he was shotting at the criminals. He was less than a car length and close so little risk to anyone life.

  • Why was this criminal still on the streets? We need to start banishing criminals, not cycling them through in and out of prison.

  • Firing through a windshield like that out in public is insane! The glass will deflect the round, thus accuracy is compromised, plus at best, he can only aim in the general direction, so innocents are placed at risk. Wrong thing to do in MHO.

  • I give the LEO a heck of a lot of credit; after receiving 30+ rounds of incoming, that old boy was not going to let those scumbags get away!

  • The officer is wrong to be shooting at a moving vehicle, with innocent drivers on both sides of the suspect vehicle directly in the officer's line of fire, while trying to driver and talk on the radio. How many of his fired rounds can be accounted for and did not strike other vehicles/buildings? Bullets fired thru thick, angled glass are deflected slightly and do not go straight. He is just as dangerous as the criminals shooting at him. After the suspect's vehicle stops, then they get all that they deserve for their acts of violence but that does not excuse the officer's reckless handling/discharge of his weapon. Maybe in the rural areas it's okay to shoot at fleeing felons, but not in a city.

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