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Cop-Hating Beyonce Makes HUGE Announcement – Furious Mets Fans Respond Instantly!


The New York Mets just announced that Citi Field would host not one – but TWO – concerts by race-baiting, cop-hating Beyonce, and Mets fans were furious!

Watch what happened (below) just after the Mets posted the announcement on Twitter. Beyonce, who used her Super Bowl performance to support the Black Panther Party and insult America’s police, embarrassed herself in front of more than 100 million television viewers.

That’s why thousands will be protesting at the NFL headquarters in New York next week. American patriots will not tolerate our police being insulted!

Clearly, America is not happy with Beyonce and the NFL! You have to see this:

Then, patriotic Mets fans fired back!

Here’s a short clip about the upcoming anti-Beyonce protests:

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