Conspiracy Theorist Cher Thinks Trump Has People In Place to Change Votes for Him

World famous singer and apparent conspiracy theorist Cher said Wednesday that she believes President Donald Trump “has people” who will “change votes in his favor.”

The pop icon was reacting to a story published by the Mississippi Clarion Ledger on voting machines in two Mississippi counties that had somehow changed some votes in the state’s GOP primary runoff for the governor’s race.

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Cher the Conspiracy Theorist




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There Were No ‘People’ Involved In These Vote Mistakes

Cher should probably know that the votes that were changed in Mississippi didn’t happen because of “people.” From what most can tell, it was a mechanical malfunction.

“The machine was a TSX machine, Moak said, and is being replaced. Moak pointed out that “machines are county-owned and tested by local officials” and “to our knowledge, only one machine was malfunctioning.’” the Mississippi Clarion Ledger reported.

This is nothing new for Cher. She also spread fake news MSNBC host Rachel Maddow earlier this month. The singer cited a misleading story from Maddow about Trump’s latest federal judicial nominee Steven Menashi.

“I Believe trump is more than a racist,more than a White supremacist,More Than a white nationalist,” she wrote. “As I see his actions,& hear his rhetoric,I hear the drum beat of Ethno Nationalism. HOW CAN trump BE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA…HE HATES SO MANY ”AMERICANS.’”

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The Picture of Trump Derangement Syndrome

These are the same liberal celebrities who used to laugh at right-wingers who subscribed to conspiracy theories about Barack Obama belonging to secret anti-American groups. These hardcore leftists really do believe the President of the United States is part of some elaborate plot to undermine republican democracy in this country.

Here’s what’s really going on: Cher and her like-minded friends are so eager to jump on every bit of anti-Trump fake news that shows up on their social media feeds that they can’t think straight anymore. Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned their minds to mush.

Do you think if Cher actually read this Mississippi voter story and realized the error of her ways, she would apologize? In the name of honesty and truth? Doubtful.

Do you think if she could turn back time she would have never sent this tweet.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Cher's mixed up like a lot of celebrities, she needs to stick to her entertaining and stay out of politics, she's embarrassing herself.

  • Well, Cher, what in hell are you still in the good old USA for anyway, we thought you were leaving ! The older you get girl the more senile you get !!

  • Note to Cher. You can find them changing the voter totals at almost all polling stations in America on Nov. 2nd 2020. They will be wearing Trump 2020 t-shirts and red MAGA hats and pulling the lever for Trump.

  • Actually she is half-right! It is the left who controls the voting. Most of the electronic machines are produced by Diebold, which is a foreign company, but owned by American leftists. If any vote switching occurred in favor of a conservative candidate, it was the left doing it to create belief of corruption on the right and to take it away from the left. Notice how ALL of the claims of voting fraud in the past were NEVER investigated? Because the left never gets investigated! Hopefully Trump will stick with his intentions to investigate the 30 Ovomit staffers who have been shown to have leaked information, and Ovomit's birth certificate, and hil-LIAR-y's overall corruption and treason.

  • I think with all those facelifts I think Infected her brainShe can’t get over that she’s old and dumb

  • More projecting from the criminal and corrupt Left..Voter fraud runs rampant with them - Cher needs to wake the ____ up.

  • Cher CAN'T go to Canada - Celine Dion owns Canada!
    She'd be less than the 'has-been' there, as elsewhere. Compared to Celine, Cher's manly voice is lost - even in Mackie gowns.

    No, Cher stays put, hoping her comments will earn some attention by anyone - even if only those connected to her son.

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