Conservatives Are Loving North Carolina’s Lt. Gov’s Epic 4th Of July Speech

N.C. Lt. Gov. Robinson Brings Fight To The Left In July 4 Speech

North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (R) gave an Independence Day speech for the ages on Sunday, reminding those at a July 4 celebration that it is “not a time for weak people” and that conservatives and Republicans are “in a battle for the literal soul of this nation.”

Conservatives have praised the speech and shared it heavily on social media.

Robinson is a relative newcomer to politics, but could have a big future in the GOP, speaking common sense conservatism and not being afraid to stand up for views that might not be considered politically correct.

Robinson’s story is part of his appeal. He grew up the ninth of ten children to an alcoholic father and a mother who had only a fifth grade education. But she instilled in him a work ethic, and told him that if he was willing to work hard, there wasn’t anything he couldn’t achieve.

While serving on the Greensboro City Council in 2018, the Army veteran made a speech defending the Second Amendment that went viral, and in 2019, he ran to become North Carolina’s first black lieutenant Governor.

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Robinson Got Straight To The Point

Mark Robinson wasted no time getting the crowd’s attention about just exactly what the nation is up against. He stated very clearly that the left attempting to turn America into a socialist nation.

Robinson’s response to that was a firm and loud, “Hell no! You will not! Because some God fearing American loving patriots are here to stop you!”

He continued, “I am not afraid to say that the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth!”

He brought up the recent warnings on Facebook, telling users that either they may have been exposed to “extremism” or to report any cases of so-called extremism that they may encounter.

Extremism, Robinson says, is just “somebody who just won’t shut up about it!” He also again warned of socialists and “blue-haired professors” who are “determined to shove socialism down your collective throat.”

Robinson touched on some hot-button issues as well. When talking about transgender issues, he said he knew that there would be some who were outraged by his stance. He stated that yes, you can be transgender, but “you cannot transcend God’s creation, and you are not playing on the girls team if you are a man!” 

He also talked about critical race theory. He said that according to the teaching of CRT, “I should be dead, in prison, a drug addict, an alcoholic, or a wife beater.” He defied anyone to apply CRT to his own life story. “Anytime I made bad decisions I had bad outcomes, when I made good decisions I had good outcomes.” 

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“Do Not Be Afraid To Stand Up”

Mark Robinson reminded his fellow North Carolinians, “Do not be afraid to stand up! The time for laying back is long past!” He said that while the Left was consumed by what former President Donald Trump was saying on Twitter, that he was more concerned about what was happening in America’s abortion clinics, what is happening in classrooms where children are being taught “to hate America, hate police, and hate law and order.”

He also urged the crowd that it is “time to stop being concerned about names people call us” – namely, the epithet ‘racist.’ 

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What The Fight Really Comes Down To

Lt. Gov. Robinson stated very clearly what the fight the country is currently engaged in boils down to: “This is not a fight between Republicans and Democrats, but a fight between people who love this country and people who despise it, it is a fight between capitalism and socialism.”

He pointed out the proof of that fight, “If you don’t think this is a fight, turn on CNN for five minutes!”

Robinson echoed a bit of Ronald Reagan talking about outposts of freedom around the world when he said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” Robinson put it more bluntly, “We are the last domino standing.”

He ended with a warning to socialists, communists, and the ‘blue haired professors’ if they continue to force their agenda on freedom loving Americans. “You will get a lesson in what freemen will do to hold onto their freedom! Hold onto your hats socialists, the patriots are coming!”  

You can see Robinson’s entire speech here:



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