crowder feminism

Steven Crowder is a conservative activist and he shows that he’s not afraid to kick the hornet’s nest in his latest video where he goes into a feminist film festival to investigate just how “tolerant” they are of others’ views. Spoiler warning: They aren’t much!

Watch below (trigger warning! some graphic images and Crowder is in underwear at the end):

WOW! Crowder really goes into the “Social Justice Warrior” lion’s den and shows just how hypocritical and actually intolerant they are of normal, rational people.

And on the way we all have a bunch of laughs! Great job, Crowder!

But don’t think it’s all funny – these kind of creepy irrational concepts are being taught in our schools and universities. That’s why it’s important to show how dumb they are now, before they take a chokehold on our society.

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