Conservative Hollywood Actor BURNS Bernie BIG Time on Abortion! Finally!

james woods

Bernie Sanders is earning his fair share of media attention as the current #2 Democrat in the presidential nomination race.

He’s also attracting his fair share of criticism. Conservative actor James Woods became the latest high-profile person to criticize Sanders.

One of the talking points of Sanders’ campaign so far (besides raising taxes on a bunch of Americans to pay for more social programs) has been mandatory, paid maternity leave for all full-time jobs.

Sanders sent out this tweet to highlight his stance on mandatory maternity leave for businesses in the United States. He did so by comparing the US to China.

Ouch. Can someone get Sanders some ointment for that burn? Woods’ response to Sanders was so good, check out more responses from common sense Americans who weighed in:

What do you think about this public social media flogging of Bernie Sanders? When will liberals ever learn? Just use common sense and things will be so much better.

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