Congress To Approve Over $1 Billion For Southern Border Wall Along With Coronavirus Relief Bill

While much of the attention on Congress has focused on the $900 billion COVID relief package, legislators are also set to approve $1.35 billion in funding to continue to build President Trump’s wall at the southern border wall.

Congress is expected to provide the billion-plus funding for the border wall on Monday, as part of a new $2.3 trillion government spending package.

$1.375 Billion To Protect The Border

The full amount in the bill remains the same as Congress designated for the border wall last year, in a deal cut by Democrats and Republicans.

The government spending package combines a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending plan, which includes $740.5 billion in defense spending, and $664.5 in domestic spending.

Crucially for many Americans, the $900 coronavirus relief bill makes up the rest of the $2.3 trillion.

Coming just in front of March’s CARES Act, which cost $2.2 trillion, the package, combining all the funding together, is one of the largest ever passed by Congress.

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Will Biden Reverse The Funding?

The border wall funding, which would continue even after Joe Biden takes office if he is inaugurated on January 20th next year, is a lot less than what President Trump had demanded from Congress, which was around $2 billion.

The Hill noted that Democrats “put no funding for the project in their appropriations bills,” with Congressional leaders going so far as “to claw back funds from previous years and black transfers… using emergency powers.”

A Joe Biden administration will also not necessarily use all the funding allocated for the border wall, but legislative and appropriation rules require the funds to be allocated.

Despite this, Democrats and leftists online remained furious the funding was still included.

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“Mitch McConnell said that giving you $1200 was too expensive but that $1.4 billion for the border wall was perfectly okay,” tweeted Santiago Mayer, the director of an apparently non-partisan group designed to encourage young people to vote.

Seemingly confused about the actual amount on offer, the Martin Luther King Center insinuated that Congress was about to spend $11 billion on the border wall.

“We need a radical revolution of values,” the account tweeted.

Biden told reporters in the summer that he would not build “another foot” of the border wall.

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