Confirmed! Donald Trump Just Made Political History with THIS!

We all know that Donald Trump, a conservative Republican candidate for President, is far ahead of his opposition. That’s because he is bold and unafraid to fight the liberal media and President Barack Obama… He will never apologize for defending America!

Alex Swoyer just reported in Breitbart – Trump just broke a record that NO CANDIDATE has touched. Trump just officially hit the 40% support mark, according to the new Gravis Marketing Poll.

No candidate in his or her history has reached above 30%, and Trump’s support has increased by roughly 10% since the end of July.

Dr. Ben Carson’s numbers also improved after the GOP debate by 7%, which means he has doubled his support in just one month. Also, Carly Fiorina had an impressive showing after being considered a second tier candidate until her breakout debate performance. But Trump still leads the pack!

Interestingly, Jeb Bush is in bad shape. He is the political establishment’s candidate and has dropped to third place. The poll only showed 10 respondents eager to support him.

This is uncharted territory for a Republican candidate in such a crowded field to have such an incredible lead! It could be the Trump Train for 2016 is unstoppable!

What do you think of Trump’s historic poll numbers? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.


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  • Our support for Mr. Trump is very important. But we all must remember,, it is NOT the people's vote that elects a president. It is the electoral vote. We must help him win in the important states for him to get, I believe it like 275 electoral votes. That is where our votes count. He takes the most states with the highest electoral votes he becomes president. We NEED him. He may be brash, aggressive, and stands up for himself and for America, but that is just what we need. We DO NOT need another politician in the white house. We have had those for a long time, and look how that has turned out. He WILL fight to strengthen America, defend her and fight for her people.

  • with 12 months left before the primaries, we cannot sit on our laurels...the uproar for Trump must continue, in every venue...we can't stop until he's won the Republican spot, and secondly won the election in November 2016. Every person we get to listen is one more vote for Trump, and if you know the "Starfish" story, every one matters.

  • American Citizens are fed up with the paid off politicians and the politically correct B.S. We need a person with a backbone and that will stand up for the American citizens. We want a person that follows the laws that are written. We need a person that has no personal gain with the special interest B.S. We need a person that loves America and respects our military and law enforcement. We need a person that uses common sense and knows business and is not willing to make deals with terrorist countries. And in my opinion Donald Trump is that person....Hugs

  • HALLELUJAH, I Think That Trump's 40% Support Mark Is Absolutely Wonderful News. He Broke The Record !! Good-By To The GOP RINOS.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that those numbers are a strong indicator that Conservatives are fed up with the likes of RINO Carl Rowe, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Hero John (Mcrino) McCain and the entire Republican elitist who after receiving so many mandates from the loyal voters they turn around and snub us...Not this time, we are fed up!

  • I think the writing is on the wall. Either the GOP establishment acknowledges that Trump is a viable candidate, or they go down, and Trump could win as a 3rd party candidate, and lots of write-in votes.

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