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Company Surprises All Employees With a Cruise

company cruise

When you think of a good employer who treats his employees with the utmost respect and dignity, you end up with employees who make sure they do their very best for this company. You will even find employees pushing their coworkers to perform better so that everyone wins.

In the case of a Waterloo cabinet manufacturer, the employees exceeded their goals, and the employer Gary and Becky Bertch were so happy they are taking close to 800 employees on a cruise.

company cruise

From WCFCourier:

A Waterloo cabinet manufacturer’s plan to send its workforce on a Caribbean cruise is receiving international attention.

Gary and Becky Bertch of Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing announced plans two weeks ago to take several hundred workers on a week’s vacation for meeting production and income goals. They leave Jan. 8 on charters from the Waterloo Regional Airport.

Bertch challenged employees a year ago to meet certain goals and offered the cruise as an incentive.

The company began offering trips in 1989. The first was to Acapulco, another to Hawaii. But the perk lapsed in 2005 after a downturn in the economy. The company’s situation has improved in recent years.

“With all the trips we’ve done in the past, we’ve gotten some local coverage, but this has caught like wildfire,” Bertch said. “It’s surprising.”

That’s a heck of a lot better than getting a $10 gift card and a pat on the back, wouldn’t you say?

Now do you wish you were part of this company just for a quarter or so? Paid cruise vacation, don’t make be beg you!

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