Community Asks Couple To Remove 9/11 Memorial Rock From Their Property

Leigh Gardella-Wood and her husband are trying to keep a September 11 memorial dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives to save lives during that horrendous day, on their property.

The Wood family purchased the Spring Bluff Elementary School property and currently live there. Along with the school came that memorial rock which the community had asked them to remove before they closed on their home.

Can you believe the audacity of their neighbors?

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Gardella-Wood said she and her husband agreed and asked the village to move the boulder within the year and put the property back together, which local officials never did.

In June 2012, Girl Scout Kasha Strathman took the 9/11 memorial on as her Gold Award project, raising money for the plaque that now sits on the boulder, reading “We Shall Never Forget” above a dedication to “those who serve.”

A few months later, the village attempted to move the boulder but Gardella-Wood said after an uproar, it was left in its place. But Gardella-Wood said Monday that she received a letter from the village board last week informing her that the signage on the memorial was “obsolete” and must be removed.

“I have never heard of a plaque being an issue. There are people who have plaques in their yard all over the place— it is not gawdy, it is not hurting anybody,” Gardella-Wood said. [NBC Chicago]

It’s her property on her property. Why does the village think they have a right to tell her to remove it? Is there more to the story? What’s the big deal?

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The whole thing doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m guessing the town council thinks the memorial is municipal property and was not included with the sale of the school building and grounds? Also guessing that the local Girl Scout troop is using part of the former school for their scout activities, which seems a good use for it.

Replace the plaque with a new one that says ‘Some people did something.’ I’m sure the board will be more in line with that sentiment if the present plaque somehow offends them.

Apparently it’s time for a new board.

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  • " put the property back together"
    What? I don't understand this. What are you trying to say? What property? "Back together"? What does that mean?

  • I agree, but the Communist Dems and media have brain washed these minority groups to believe in PC. They tell everyone that if you speak out against them, you are racist or bigoted or both. All of these politicians, Dems and some Republicans, tell everyone what they want to hear to get their votes so it makes it very hard to vote for common sense Republicans.

  • Stand your ground, and never let the village people touch, deface or remove that memorial rock. We're behind you.

  • Sounds to me that next, that community will be instituting Sharia law! HORRIBLE! I'd take my rock with the plaque & move to where REAL AMERICANS live.

  • She should add a couple of US flags to the display and light it up at night. I would escalate the situation as much as legally possible until the board regrets ever mentioning it.

  • Talk to the democrats their the ones who are behind the PC revelation. The only way to stop it is voting for common scene Republican.

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