Deputy AG, House Majority Leader Throw Cold Water on FBI Russia Narrative

The liberal mainstream media has been throwing out accusations, allegations, and innuendos using former FBI Director James Comey’s name in an attempt to smear President Trump.

Over the last week, the mainstream media has told the American people that Comey was fired because his investigation into Russian “hacking” was about to bear fruit. Another lie you’ve probably heard was that Comey had asked for more resources on the Russian “hacking” case and that’s why he was fired.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified that the FBI didn’t need additional resources, so someone was lying.

comey requested resources

Now we know who was the liar. It was the media. They are responsible for spreading the lie about Comey needing more resources to further the narrative Trump fired him unfairly. People might have bought it, too, until Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spoke to the House of Representatives today!

Source: NTKNetwork

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said to reporters outside a classified briefing on Friday that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein denied former FBI Director James Comey requested more resources for the investigation into Russian interference in 2016.

Following the dismissal of Comey, a narrative developed that the FBI director had asked for more funding for the investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government. The implication was that President Trump fired Comey to slow the investigation.

“[Rosenstein] has no evidence that Comey asked for any further resources, and all the resources were there,” McCarthy told reporters.

Rosenstein briefed the House on the status of the Russia investigation on Friday.

This is huge! Just these few words showed Americans that the media will do anything to sew discord between voters and their President.

The media hates Trump so much, they don’t care how they report on him as long as people believe them, but the truth will always be there, in the end, to even things out.

What do you think of the media lying about Comey needing more resources as a way to blame Trump for firing him?

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