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Sources – Comey Won’t Accuse Trump Of Obstructing Justice

This Thursday, all eyes will be on the James Comey hearing taking place in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The fired FBI Director will testify as part of the Senate committee’s ongoing investigation into possibly Russian meddling in last year’s Presidential election.

Even though there is little hard evidence of such actions by the Russians, the pressure of the media and the public demand that the Senate spend time digging for the truth.

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After Trump fired Comey last month, wave after wave of leaks seemed to show that Comey had felt uncomfortable with Trump and thought he had tried to interfere in the ongoing investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The memo has not been seen by any member of the public and has only been read to journalists by “associates” of Comey. The memo, if true, could prove that President Trump obstructed justice. A crime that would merit impeachment. When Comey announced he would testify in front of the Senate, the left shrieked with glee. This was it. Comey was going to finally expose Trump once and for all.

But Democrats and the media hoping for a smoking gun and a “gotcha” moment for Trump got some bad news from Comey himself.

Of course. Because he can’t say something that didn’t happen. Comey seems to be smart enough to know that he can’t perjure himself in front of the Senate. After all, he already announced in sworn testimony that the Trump administration made no efforts to interfere in the investigation.

Comey will state that the interaction made him “uncomfortable, ” but that isn’t a crime. We know Trump has allowed this witch-hunt to go on without any interference. ┬áThere is even a special counsel assigned to suss out the truth of this whole investigation. Hardly the work of an Administration that is trying to hide anything.

This investigation has been going on for nearly a year and has produced nothing. Just innuendo and half-baked rumors. Hopefully, this will be behind us soon enough, and we can start focusing on what matters to the voters of this country.

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