College Democrat groups across the country have released statements calling for an investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

“Sexual Assault Should Not Be A Partisan Weapon”

The backlash against former Vice President Biden started with the Texas College Democrats, who issued a statement at the end of last month that called for an investigation into the sexual assault claims made by former staffer Tara Reade against Biden.

“The delegates at [the state convention] strongly believe it is incumbent on all of us, as Democrats, to demand that allegations of sexual assault against our party’s leaders be investigated fairly,” the statement read. “Sexual assault should not be a partisan weapon used to leverage our political opponents when convenient.”

From there, the movement began to spread to multiple College Democrat chapters across the country.

“We are so proud of the bravery and integrity of every chapter willing to defy the establishment and call on their party to hold leaders accountable, even when it is inconvenient or difficult,” the University Democrats of the University of Texas-Austin told Campus Reform.

The DC College Democrats and University of South Carolina College Democrats, followed suit with press releases also calling for an investigation.

“As College Democrats, we hope to be part of a larger movement that puts morals above party,” the DC College Democrats wrote. “Indeed, the dedication to making this country more fair and just for all is what drew us to this movement in the first place… If Democrats take pride in proclaiming that justice must prevail for [Christine Blasey Ford] and even passionately insist that victims cannot be dismissed, then we must apply the same scrutiny to former Vice President Joe Biden.”

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College Democrats Split On November Support

However, the College Democrats are split as to whether they will end up supporting Biden in November. The Texas College Democrats have said that they will “support the eventual Democratic nominee into November,” while other College Democrats said that “if Biden is ultimately cleared by a non-partisan investigation, we would throw all our efforts behind him.”

On the other side of the argument, Essence Perry, a member of the Williams College Democrats in Massachusetts, said that given the Democrats are “a party that purported itself as a progressive engine for change has now taken to protecting a sexual predator that engages in regressive and repulsive politics,”she would not be backing Biden in November.

“Tara Reade has courageously told her story, and provided yet another reason to drop Biden as our candidate. I encourage the Democratic party to do the same and have the courage to elect someone the people deserve and need for the future that faces us,” she continued.

Perry is right. How could you support a candidate that you think has had a credible chance of sexually assaulting someone? While it’s true that the College Democrats are split on the issue of supporting Biden, at least many of them are now calling for this investigation – something far more than many other older Democrats have done!