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QB Kaepernick Wears THIS Shirt At Press Conference, Immediately Gets DESTROYED!


Colin Kaepernick, the Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, believes America oppresses blacks. He gladly takes advantage of all America has to offer, including the freedom to not stand during the National Anthem and insult America’s military.

But now, he just showed up at a press conference wearing a pro-Fidel Castro, pro-communist Cuba shirt. What is wrong with him?

Here is the shocking video:

Twitter reacted immediately:

Then, someone who was actually imprisoned and tortured by Castro’s government responded. This is amazing:

Independent Journal Review wanted to talk to someone who knows more about the dictator on Kaepernick’s shirt. So, we talked to Sergio X. Sixto, who was imprisoned by Castro, but eventually made it to America.

“If that guy had a dictator like the Castro’s for 57 years in power in his country, he would know what it’s like to really be oppressed. Especially for black people. Black people are the most repressed in the country. The prisons are filled with them mostly.

There are more than 100 thousand people in Cuba that died in Cuba because of the Castros. There are 3 million people in exile from the country. If he would know what it’s like living in Cuba, he would know what it’s like to be an oppressed black man.”

“In Cuba they are the poorest of the poor. So poor, in fact, that they don’t have the chance to leave the country when possible, which is why so many throw themselves to the sea in a makeshift raft risking death.

If he would have been a sports star in Cuba like he is here, he’d still be oppressed and wouldn’t have enough money to have a decent house for himself and his family.

He’d be exploited by the dictators as a show puppet for the world and would be driven to escape like many sports stars have done whenever they get the chance.”

You cannot support communist Cuba while claiming America isn’t a free country. This is liberal hypocrisy at it’s worse, and shows just how uneducated Kaepernick is.

He has disgraced our country, while cashing in massive million-dollar paychecks. There is no excuse.

What do you think about Kaepernick’s pro-Castro shirt? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us.