CNN’s Jim Acosta Says Republican-Led Virginia Is A ‘Soviet-Style Police State’

CNN anchor Jim Acosta joked that Virginia under Glenn Youngkin is like a "Soviet-style police state" due to the Governor's tip line to report 'divisive practices' in schools throughout the state.

CNN anchor Jim Acosta said on his nightly broadcast that Virginia under the new Republican leadership of Glenn Youngkin is like a “Soviet-style police state” due to the Governor’s tip line to report ‘divisive practices’ in schools throughout the state.

Youngkin said in a recent interview that he wants parents to send his office “reports and observations” about “divisive practices” in their children’s school so his office can ‘root it out.’

The Republican governor later mentioned Critical Race Theory (CRT), something he cited when banning the teaching of “inherently divisive concepts” on his first day in office.

“I seem to remember Glenn Youngkin campaigning in a fleece vest in Virginia,” Acosta quipped. “He was running as a different kind of Republican.”

“I was told there was going to be a vest, not a Soviet-style police state across the Potomac from Washington.”

Acosta’s comments came on his new CNN special called “Democracy in Peril.” 

Yes, really.

As for Virginia operating a supposed police state “across the Potomac from Washington” – D.C. is literally having people show their vaccination papers in order to enter any restaurant, bar, nightclub, sports arena or gym.

Soviet-style, indeed.

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Acosta Blasts Youngkin’s ‘Soviet-Style Police State’

Acosta’s ridiculous analogy comes as Virginia public school districts desperately try to maintain control over parents when it comes to their child’s education, whether it be in regard to the teaching of CRT or mask mandates.

Earlier this week, news emerged of seven school districts suing Governor Youngkin over an executive order requiring schools to give parents a choice to opt-out of mask mandates.

The Political Insider reported on one school in Fairfax County advising officials that any students who do not comply with mask rules will be provided a separate space and, if they remain non-compliant, may be removed by school security.

Acosta didn’t seem too worried about that actual ‘Soviet-style police state’ in Virginia schools.

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Acosta The Drama Queen

Awkward jokes and vest jabs aside, Acosta has been on a dramatic streak this week as he seemingly angles to land the coveted Chris Cuomo time slot with his program.

Earlier in the week, he evoked images of slavery by claiming he still has “marks on my back” to prove how hard it was to cover former President Donald Trump.

“As someone who witnessed the unraveling of our democracy, had a front-row seat to it … is it better? Worse? Can we turn this around in your estimation? You were the White House correspondent for the entire Trump reign,” fellow CNN host Don Lemon asked Acosta.

“Yeah. And I’ve got the marks on my back to prove it, Don,” he replied.

Acosta has a history of being overly dramatic and making the story all about his own personal struggles in life and his career.

Following the election, he claimed covering President Trump “might merit hazard pay” and suggested his time doing so was a “non-stop national emergency.”

His own book describes Acosta as “public enemy number one” as the media was “fighting on the front lines in President Trump’s war on truth.”

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