CNN’s Don Lemon Melts Down, Wants Fox News Kicked Out Of White House Press

CNN’s Don Lemon: Fox News Should Be Kicked Out Of White House Press

On Monday night, CNN’s Don Lemon went on a tirade, arguing that Fox News should be barred from asking questions during White House press briefings.

The bizarre segment featured three CNN personalities, all whining about Fox News. 

Lemon made his remarks during his prime time program “Don Lemon Tonight.”

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Lemon: Why should Fox News ‘even be able to take part in a legitimate press briefing and legitimate journalism?’

Lemon was joined by CNN personalities Brian Stelter and S.E. Cupp to discuss text messages read during the January 6 congressional committee meeting held on Monday night.

During the segment, the group was furious that Fox News wasn’t covering the topic. (Stelter would also whine about that in an article.)

On the ratings-basement network, Lemon asked Cupp and Stelter, “Why does Jen Psaki even continue to call on Fox in the briefing room?”

“If your network is promoting B.S. and lies about what is actually happening in the country and helping to inspire and incite an insurrection, why should they even be able to take part in a legitimate press briefing and legitimate journalism?” Lemon wondered.

It’s an interesting take by Lemon, who inserted himself into the Jussie Smollett hate hoax scandal.

Cupp claimed that Fox News’ “last real good [reporter] has left the building,” referring to Chris Wallace’s recent announcement that he is leaving Fox News after 18 years and will become part of the team at CNN.

Stelter responded to Lemon by saying that when it comes to press briefings “historically,” the goal is to “let in a variety of different voices and media outlets.”

Then Stelter added that he believes, “Fox has changed dramatically” and “leans so far right, they don’t live in reality.”

Progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald wasn’t having any of this.

Greenwald replied to the CNN employees’ comments on Twitter, arguing that CNN threw a “hissy fit” after Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials were revoked while Donald Trump was president.

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Greenwald Calls Out CNN And Lemon’s Hypocrisy

“CNN threw a gigantic hissy fit when the Trump WH revoked the press credentials of Acosta for a few days on the ground that he is a liar,” Greenwald tweeted. “They acted as if he were getting the Assange treatment.”

“Now Don Lemon is explicitly advocating Fox be banned completely from WH Briefings,” Greenwald added.

CNN’s top host, Chris Cuomo, was recently fired after it was revealed that the used his media connections to try to dig up dirt on his politician brother’s sexual harassment accusers. 


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