Biden Is Given Softball Questions By Anderson Cooper During CNN Townhall

It looked like they were going steady.

Biden Cooper

Joe Biden may not be wearing Anderson Cooper’s frat pin or ID bracelet, but the affection was certainly on display at a Thursday night townhall broadcast on CNN.

Biden Gets Softball Questions

The lovefest was so blatant, so ridiculous, especially in contrast with the harsh treatment the president received earlier in the week, that even liberal journos like Jeff Greenfield and a Daily Caller staffer noticed the absurd double standard.

“In the first moments, the contrast between what Trump was asked and what Biden is being asked is striking,” Politico columnist Jeff Greenfield said.

He later commented, “Biden is doing very well, yes. But this is not exactly getting him ready to face tough questions from a Chris Wallace or Jake Tapper (should he decide to do so).”

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NewsBusters honcho Curtis Houck noticed of the 16 “regular voters” who got to ask Biden questions, 13 of them were Democrats. Only three were Republicans.

That was in tremendous contrast to the questioners Trump faced Tuesday on ABC News, which featured four Trump voters, three Hillary Clinton voters, one Jill Stein voters, three non-voters, and one unidentified. Yup, no identified Republicans in the bunch.

Now granted, one broadcast was ABC and the other was CNN. Though the editorial difference between the two is the difference between good flan and bad flan, i.e.- none.

“Has CNN asked a question to anyone who’s not a Democrat? (may have missed),” The Daily Beast politics reporter Hanna Trudo honestly asked about the slew of Democratic voters at the townhall.

But then she remembered who she worked for and deleted her tweet. Poor wretch, frightened into numb silent passivity by her corporate masters and their associated minions.

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“So far the questions at CNN’s drive-in #BidenTownHall sound as if they were written by Biden’s campaign: “Tell us how bad Trump is”. Reversal of the president’s ABC townhall,” columnist Miranda Devine accurately pointed out.

Fourth Watch media analyst Steve Kaukauer noticed that while maintaining social distance when they thought the cameras were on, Biden and Cooper leaned in and whispered to each other, virtually snuggling, as the cameras still rolled when they falsely assumed they were on commercial break.

While this afforded Biden the opportunity to sniff his fanboy, the allure for Cooper escapes us.

Trump Campaign Slams Town Hall

The Trump campaign skewered the sham town hall.

“Virtually every question for Joe Biden was an invitation for him to attack President Trump, while moderator Anderson Cooper offered almost no pushback, giving Biden a total pass on his lies and misrepresentations,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh.

It’s not enough that almost every major media player, including alleged conservatives like Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, give more negative than positive coverage to the president, some by an overwhelming margin.

But to be sure the lies stick they feel the need to stack townhalls with Biden robots? Pathetic. As November comes closer and the left feels progressively (get it?) more nervous, expect the media farce to get to the point of surreal.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 18, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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