CNN Journalists Dust Off ‘Russian Collusion’ Claims To Blame Trump For Putin Invading Ukraine

CNN journalists asserted there is a "straight line" from the 2016 presidential election through the Capitol riot with Trump as the common denominator that led to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

CNN contributor Garrett Graff asserted there is a “straight line” from the 2016 presidential election through the Capitol riot with Trump as the common denominator that led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Graff tweeted his deep thought early Thursday morning as the all-out assault by Russia was underway.

“There’s a straight line from Russia’s attack on the US election in 2016 to 1/6 to today’s new invasion of Ukraine,” Graff tweeted.

“The chaos that Russia unleashed with the election of Trump weakened us to the point Putin feels confident invading Europe.”

Think about the mind melt one has to have undergone to suggest Russia “unleashed” such chaos that they became confident in taking action … six years later.

Even if the ‘Russian collusion’ conspiracy theory were correct, Putin didn’t take action within weeks “of the chaos they created in the 2016 presidential election.” Not even during the four-year term of former President Donald Trump.

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CNN Blames Trump for Russia Invading Ukraine

Actually, Mr. Graff, there might be another significant event that happened even more recently that gave Russian President Vladimir Putin the confidence to invade Ukraine.

Any ideas what that might be?

Graff, in a subsequent tweet, doubled down on his message.

“I wrote in 2017 that Russia’s election attack was probably the most successful intelligence operation in history, and today’s developments bear out just how much it changed the world stage and how much space it gave Putin to operate,” he wrote.

CNN White House correspondent John Harwood thought Graff’s take was such pure genius that he shared it and expanded on the idea.

“The Russian thug now attacking Ukraine helped Donald Trump become president because he thought that would someday make this kind of attack easier to pull off,” he claimed without evidence. “He was right in the short term.”

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Trump’s Fault

First off, our understanding is that planting seeds of doubt about legitimate election results is a threat to democracy and grounds for banning from social media platforms.

Yet Graff and Harwood are doing just that, claiming that Trump was installed as a Russian puppet. 

Second, one small detail that these propagandists apparently missed – Putin never took action during President Trump’s term.

Putin targeted Georgia during President George W. Bush’s tenure. He annexed Crimea during Obama’s term. He is now launching an all-out war against Ukraine under President Biden.

He did nothing under Trump. For some reason, he lacked the ‘confidence’ to take action.

Earlier this week, Representative Liz Cheney likewise shared different but equally false information claiming Trump was aiding Russia by praising Putin.

“Former President Trump’s adulation of Putin today – including calling him a ‘genius’ – aids our enemies,” Cheney tweeted. “Trump’s interests don’t seem to align with the interests of the United States of America.”

As is often the case, Cheney was easily duped by her comrades in the media who helped falsely accuse President Trump of praising Putin by ignoring the sarcasm associated with his comments.

The Political Insider thoroughly broke down why the story amounted to ‘fake news.’

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