CNN Asks TRUMP If It’s Time to Do Something about GUNS – Trump’s Response Is EPIC!

The insane murderer from Roanoke, Virginia got what he wanted – he went viral. Millions of people watched him senselessly murder two people and injure a third victim.

As liberals believe “never let a crisis go to waste” – they jumped on the news to promote strict gun control rules. As if stricter laws could have kept a crazy person from acting out in violent ways.

CNN host Chris Cuomo, who clearly supports gun control, asked Trump about the shooting and tried a “gotcha” question. Instead, Trump blasted back and took a bold stance for the 2nd Amendment!

You have to see Trump’s response (below). He reminds us what this issue really is about:

“Do you think it is time to do something else about guns?” Cuomo asked. “Would you do something different with gun policy?”

“I don’t think I would, because this is really a sick person,” Trump said of the WDBJ shooter. “This isn’t a gun problem, this is a mental problem.”

Trump cited the recent thwarted terror attack on a Paris-bound train where U.S. servicemen helped take down the gunman and argued they could’ve more easily defended themselves if they were armed.

“Frankly, you know, a case like this, he snuck up on them — whether it was with a gun or a knife or whatever it would’ve been, it would’ve been something,” Trump said of the WDBJ shooting. “You’re not going to get rid of all guns.”

He continued, “I know one thing: if you tried to do it, the bad guys would have them…and the good folks would abide by the law — they’d be hopeless, and it would just be a hopeless situation for them.”

via The Blaze

He went on to explain why he’s a big supporter of our 2nd Amendment freedoms. Donald Trump is a true patriot!

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  • I think Mr. Trump is right on target. He knows they closed all these institution because they lacked funds he wants to bring money and jobs back to America. The funds would be there if America wasn't trillions of dollars in debt and there was so many cutbacks. And it is not the guns killing people it is people killing people. Finally someone is willing to admit that. Trump gets my vote. I have listened to all his debates and news I have always said we need a non politician to get in that White House but with it costing millions to run who has that kind of money. THANK YOU MR. TRUMP

  • They should have known that idiot was mentally unstable when he wore that t shirt supporting Obama. Liberalism is intellectual syphilis. Take guns out of the hands of progressive liberals, problem solved.

  • Here's my problem with this. If the root of the gun problem is due to mental health issues, fine. Mental instabilities are considered social security disabilities that receive FEDERAL support. So if the root problem is getting help to mental unstable people before they do something, great, invest in more support for those who need it. But he won't, because he's against increasing social benefits. If his answer is to invest in private organizations mental health facilities, fine, but not everyone has access to those facilities (i.e. neglected children, the homeless, the poor, etc. who can't afford private healthcare) so you haven't really solved the root problem. Trump is great at stating the obvious, out loud for everyone to hear and then people are like woah this guy is real he's got my vote! No. He has no real plan for all of the cyclical issue that contribute to gun violence.

  • Trump has a nice pro 2nd amendment message, and I'm happy to hear it, but this shooter did not meet any criterion for being involuntarily institutionalized. Sorry. There's nothing that the government can do to stop these atrocities from happening. Give it up.

  • Gun control doesn't work, the man that shot the two reporters in Virginia passed the records check and bought the gun legally, The same with the man who shot those people in the church in South Carolina, as the saying goes :when you outlaw guns , only outlaws will have guns "

  • Many of the 'good guys' aren't surrendering their firearms. Love Trump's response that it's not a gun problem, but he doesn't accurately portray the people's will to keep their guns under all circumstances. Also something to remember is that our U.S. Constitution doesn't give us freedom; we have inherent freedom and rights from God under natural law. The Constitution is subject to change; natural God-given rights are not. see Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIW7ijBx8Pw

  • Would all of these dogooders want the crooks only to have their guns? They would have to see their kids etc. get raped and killed. But maybe that will have to happen to them so that they would see how wrong that they are.

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