CNN Analyst Suggests Vladimir Putin Wrote Trump’s CPAC Speech

When President Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) over the weekend, CNN analyst Sam Vinograd compared his speech to Adolph Hitler and also claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote it.

The most significant national emergency we now face is the assault on the First Amendment by the left, summed up simply as ‘free speech for me but not thee’ if perceived to be offensive. The left’s denial of freedom of speech to anyone they disagree with is rooted in hatred, hatred of the President, hatred of his supporters, hatred of conservatives, hatred of America.

That is the greatest national emergency we now face.

Rabid leftists claim, assume and award themselves titles of political expertise like they claim, assume and award themselves titles and characteristics of virtue and benevolence. If the delusional screed above is Vinograd’s “professional” analytical capabilities, I doubt that she could analyze if water were wet.

CNN is playing to the country’s fringe element with the credulity-mentality of a fifth-grader. Vinograd is likely still on CNN’s payroll when an employee at a normal operation would be either out on the street pushing a shopping cart or dealing with nice young people in their clean white suits.

Comparing Trump to Hitler is sad. Either you know nothing of history or are blindly regurgitating the liberal talking points you have been given without thinking. Either way, you are conning yourself.

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