CNN Analyst Fredricka Whitfield ‘Misspeaks’ Outrageous Comment — MUST WATCH!



Oh, CNN reporters often misspeak! This one was way out of line.

On Saturday morning, gunman James Boulware planted pipe bombs outside police headquarters and opened fire on police from an armored van — leading to a standoff that ended when he was shot and killed by a police sniper.

During the standoff, Whitfield and CNN legal analyst Philip Holloway were discussing the possibility Boulware had not acted alone. Whitfield then said the following:

“It was very courageous and brave, if not crazy as well, to open fire on the police headquarters.”

The usual journalists or politicians uttering what they really think. Then when they realize it upsets the overly sensitive, they take it back and say they misspoke. It was only about a year ago when liberals would say they their words were taken out of context even though the offenses were on video.

Watch the original segment:

Social media warriors pounced on the insensitive comment immediately:

UPDATE: On Sunday, Ms. Whitfield ddi not apologize for her remarks during a CNN segment — she only said she misspoke.

This woman puts really good journalist to shame. And yes there are still a few good journalists out there. Mighty few but a few!


Is “courageous and brave” the new PC term for stupidity? What do you think of Whitfield’s gaffe or was it a gaffe? Share your comments below.

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