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Clinton’s ‘Secret Gay Past’ Exposed! – I Never Expected THIS!

bill clinton gay

We all know that Bill Clinton has a legendary reputation as a womanizer and abuser of women.

But now, former law school students have revealed a shocking new detail which may give us new insight into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s complicated marriage.

In a bombshell new report entitled, “Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love,” authors Danford Prince and Darwin Proter will reveal rumors from the University of Arkansas campus from 1973 that Bill Clinton – who was considered the charming and handsome new law professor – was actually a homosexual!

This really is shocking:

“A lot of guys were warned to stay clear of him, fearing he might put the make on us,” a former student said of Bill, who was then dating but not yet married to Hillary. “I know he had a reputation for flirting with all the gals, but a lot of us thought that was just a cover-up to conceal his homosexuality.

“After all, he was almost 30 years old, and unmarried. In Arkansas back then, that meant you were gay.”

Hillary, now 68, joined her then-boyfriend at the Fayetteville school, also accepting a position as professor of law. But her presence did nothing to dispel the gossip.

“When Hillary showed up, a lot of us were still not convinced,” the onetime student continued. “We thought that was just for show because she looked like a lesbian. We thought they were pretending a love affair to conceal their true sexual preferences.”

This would add new evidence to rumors in Washington, D.C. that have swirled for decades about Hillary Clinton’s supposed “girlfriends” around town. Political spectators have often raised questions about just what keeps Bill and Hillary together after so many countless controversies and scandals. If this bombshell report is true, it would explain a lot.

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