Bill and Hillary Clinton kicked off their international speaking tour, fielding questions from a Clinton Foundation donor in a half-empty hockey arena in Toronto.

The paid speaking tour started with an interview by Canadian politician, diplomat, and Foundation donor Frank McKenna, and comes amidst renewed pay-to-play allegations for the former First Couple.

The pair were sure to take jabs at President Trump from the relatively confined safety of an ice rink in Canada.

Bill Clinton, once impeached on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, claimed America had “compromised” its moral leadership in the world under Trump.

The former President went so far as to attack Trump’s election as illegitimate, saying the midterms were an opportunity to “become a democracy again.”

“We got a chance to become a democracy again and reclaim a debate,” he asserted. “We got a chance to have a debate again now.”

Woeful start to the Clinton’s international tour

If the first stop is any indication, the Clinton’s will be making claims of being “dead broke” again.

According to the Daily Mail, the opening date on the Clinton world tour featured “empty seats both in upper-level seats and on the ground floor, where tickets were pricier.”

It would appear having a perpetually lying, two-time presidential election loser and a serial womanizer on stage talking about ‘moral leadership’ isn’t a big draw.

You can’t fault them for trying, though. Tickets were selling on StubHub for as low $15, well below the low-end price of $53 when tickets were first made available. One ticket was even selling for $6.55 in Canadian Dollars, less than $5 in America.

The tour is being coordinated by Live Nation, who also handles speaking arrangements for other windbags and marginally-talented celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and Michelle Obama. We’d be willing to wager ($6.55 bet) they could fill a hockey arena, though.

Is Hillary Clinton running for president in 2020?

McKenna was quick to ask the Clintons if their presence on tour together was a sign that Hillary was going to take a third shot at the White House in 2020.

Do you guys “just want to hang out together,” he asked, “or is it because you’re testing the waters for a run of being president of the United States?”

Hillary answered with a statement that likely sent shivers down the spine of every Canadian.

“Actually Frank I’m thinking about standing for parliament here in Canada,” she joked.

They can have her.

During a speaking tour for her book, What Happened, Clinton admitted that she had thoughts of moving out of the country after she lost to President Trump.

It might not be ‘abroad,’ but if she’d like to continue touring Canada and their vast offering of hockey arenas for the foreseeable future, we think that’d be just fine.