Following Hillary Clinton’s historic loss to Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential election, it seems that the long-time Democrat’s political career is finally over. Not only did Hillary appear visibly upset during President Trump’s inauguration, she has one more thing to lament: the closing of the Clinton Global Initiative.

With Hillary likely going into retirement, there is little public demand for her to make speeches and public appearances, and will end the flow of lucrative checks she receives from such events. As a result, we have just learned that the Clinton Global Initiative will lay off 22 employees and officially shut down due to a sharp decline in donations over the last year.

During the 2016 election, many accused Hillary Clinton of profiting off of the Clinton Global Initiative and engaging in a “pay to play” scandal during her tenure as Secretary of State from 2009-2013.

From Fox News:

The Clintons are moving ahead with plans to downsize their controversial foundation’s network of offshoots, a decision carried out as the powerful family’s political influence wanes and its once-lengthy donor list shrinks.

In a decision announced last week, 22 additional employees are being laid off from the Clinton Global Initiative – known for its annual glitzy gathering of high-powered leaders and celebs. The layoffs are tied to a decision to shutter CGI that originally was announced in an Aug. 22 letter from former President Bill Clinton.

At the time, the Clintons were under pressure to explain how they would handle potential conflicts of interest with their namesake foundation if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were to win the White House.

Bill Clinton wrote in his letter at the time: “Nine years ago in my book ‘Giving,’ I wrote, ‘I want to continue these meetings for at least a decade, with the objective of creating a global network of citizen activists who reach across the divides of our interdependent world to build real communities of shared opportunities, shared responsibilities, and a genuine sense of belonging.’ … That is exactly what CGI, its members, and its dedicated staff have done.”

It is unknown whether or not the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton Global Initiative, but reports in 2016 suggested that the FBI had looked into the controversial charity. Given that Hillary’s political career is over, it should come as no surprise that her influence around the world among leftists has declined after her humiliating loss to Donald J. Trump.

Even though the Clinton Global Initiative has officially shut down, do you think that Hillary Clinton engaged in a pay-to-play scheme while she was Secretary of State? Should the foundation be investigated by the FBI under the new administration?

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