Climate Change Alarmist RFK, Jr Refuses to Make Personal Sacrifices for the Environment

The People’s Climate March in New York City brought hundreds of thousands of protesters to New York City to protest what was previously called global warming but now is labeled climate change.

One of these protesters was famed environmentalist Robert Kennedy, Jr.  Michelle Fields from PJTV took the opportunity to ask Kennedy about the sacrifices he makes in his personal life to reduce his carbon footprint. Kennedy responded that he personally will not sacrifice his car or cell phone.

“I don’t believe that we have to reduce our quality of life.”

When asked about the impact the actual March will have on the environment with the amount of paper and fuel required to transport the protesters, Kennedy blamed the Koch brothers.

“You need this kind of event to save the environment. What I’m concerned with is the kind of damage being done by Exxon and the Koch brothers…”

Kennedy’s fellow protesters increased their carbon footprint yesterday by leaving a substantial amount of litter. Like Kennedy, they must also believe personal action to save the environment doesn’t start with them.

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