Cliff From ‘Cheers’ Has Amazing News About His Future!

John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger, the lovable loser known as Cliff Clavin on the long-running sitcom Cheers and voice actor who has appeared in every Pixar animated movie, has announced who he is supporting for President in 2016.

Drumroll please …

Ratzenberger announced that “Donald Trump’s the only candidate for me.”

The actor, whose foundation focuses on developing and teaching skills to children in the manufacturing and construction industries, said he wants America to become a self-reliant nation again.

Trump, he says, is a “builder” who can help lift up “people who get up in the morning, and put their hands to something useful.”

Via Fox News Insider:

John Ratzenberger, the Pixar legend and beloved actor of “Cheers,” appeared on Your World today to exclusively announce who he’s supporting for president.

“Donald Trump’s the only candidate for me,” said the star actor, producer and director.

Ratzenberger explained that he wants America “to become self-reliant again,” cheering “people who get up in the morning, and put their hands to something useful.”

“Manufacturing is the backbone of the United States of America. There’s no question about that,” he said. “Now, the only candidate out there is Donald Trump, for me, because he’s a builder.”

Watch Ratzenberger’s announcement below …

Ratzenberger is a solid, down-to-earth guy, especially considering his Hollywood success. He’s mocked liberal elites in the past, saying they’re not exactly the kind of people you turn to after a disaster.

When asked about how an Ivy Leaguer, lifetime politician like Hillary Clinton might be better suited than an inexperienced businessman to run the country, Ratzenberger zinged “You know Ivy Leaguers and I know Ivy Leaguers and I tell you, those are not the people whose houses you rush to after an earthquake.”

The actor mocked, “It’s not like, ‘he’s got an MBA from Harvard. He’ll know what to do!'”

He would also explain that “You want people to be capable, regardless of where they went to college.”

Now the country needs capable leadership after a disaster of another kind – Barack Obama.

Check out Ratzenberger promoting his show American Made in 2014 …

Comment: Do you think Trump can make America self-reliant again, and improve manufacturing jobs? Share your thoughts below.

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