Civil Rights Activist and Bill O’Reilly Go Head-to-Head, Clash Over Racial Violence

Tuesday night, Bill O’Reilly went head-to-head with hostile guest Michael Meyers, Executive Director of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, over violent crimes committed by African Americans.

Watching Meyers and his antics of disrespect proves to me that Black civil rights leaders will NEVER admit the problem that they have created, or the problem that exists within the black community.



Halfway during the interview Meyers stated blacks can’t live where they want because of the conditions they are placed in but then he turned around saying he lived where he wanted to. These so-called black leaders of academia can’t have it both ways. He made himself look like a fool — plain and simple.

While I agree that a thug is a thug, regardless of affiliation to some subset like race-religion-color-sex-etc., statistics are what they are and they can not be ignored! Simply stating that color has nothing to do with crime on one level is not understanding the problem, it is ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away. The vast majority of “black” crime is committed against other blacks so you would think the “black” communities would address the crimes verses ignoring them. That in itself tells you why there is a problem.

This is a man who has no answer for the problems that confront the poor blacks in our country. Why? Because, he doesn’t like the question.

According to the guest, blacks can’t live where they want to. Do you agree with that? Drop your comments below and share this story on Facebook and Twitter.

H/T: Fox News Insider

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