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Cindy McCain May Be Appointed to Fill John McCain’s Seat

OK. There’s paying tribute to a dead hero, and there’s clearly violating the norms in doing so.

Senator John McCain’s death is reverberating across the country, as millions of Americans remember the former prisoner of war and presidential aspirant. No doubt, in the days to come, many beautiful eulogies will be penned on McCain’s long and storied career in public service. (RELATED: McCain Dies At Age 81.)

Of course, the long-running feud between President Trump and McCain has continued, even after the latter’s death. (RELATED: White House’s American Flag Flies at Full Staff After John McCain’s Death.) It’s a shame to see, but not all that surprising given how strong-willed both men are.

What is surprising, though, is the short list to determine John McCain’s successor. Apparently, Cindy McCain, the widow, is being seriously considered for the role by Governor Doug Ducey.

From The Hill:

There has been speculation Ducey could appoint McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, to his seat, according to Politico.

The Arizona Republic listed potential appointees on Friday, including Kirk Adams, the governor’s chief of staff, and Barbara Barrett, a former state lawmaker and the first Republican woman to run for governor in the state.

This is very odd. I know Cindy McCain just lost a husband, but what exactly qualifies her to take the late senator’s seat? She has no real political experience.

There is a tradition known as the widow’s succession that has been invoked in situations like these, but it would seem we’re past the age where pure political favoritism is rewarded.

Say what you will about the politics of John McCain, but at least he actually sacrificed for the country. His stint in a P.O.W. camp made him uniquely qualified to weigh in on foreign affairs.

Cindy McCain could be the nicest, most caring woman on earth. But there has been little evidence to demonstrate she would be a fitting successor to McCain. The whole thing stinks of gross nepotism.

Gov. Ducey should make a more responsible choice.