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Chuck Schumer Taken to Task By Man Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Immigrant

Chuck Schumer may have put on a crying performance worthy of a Shakespearean play, but the “angel” father of a promising young athlete who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant isn’t impressed.

Jamiel Shaw Sr., husband of an Iraq War vet who was serving a second tour of duty in Iraq at the time of their son’s murder, criticized the top Democrat for “crying for terrorists” when there are so many Americans who could use his support right now.

Shaw’s son, Jamiel ‘Jas’ Shaw Jr., was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been released from a county jail despite an ICE order to hold him following several gun charges.

The illegal immigrant had mistaken Jas for a rival gang member. He was shot in the head for the crime of using a Spider Man backpack that matched a different gangs colors and for not responding to the taunts quickly enough.

Shaw would like to know where Schumer’s tears are for his son, as well as other Americans seeking protection from criminal aliens.

“That was so fake,” Shaw charged.

“I know a lot of parents who cry every day, including myself,” he said. We “see him crying for terrorists and people who we don’t even know who they are, when he has Americans here who he gives us no support?”

“I could care less about Chuck Schumer,” Shaw concluded.

By contrast, Shaw claims he told Donald Trump his son’s story and could tell that the President was personally hurting after hearing it.

Via Fox News Insider:

Shaw recalled telling his story to Trump, explaining that the president was deeply affected by his story and that he wants to enforce the law.

“I could tell that it hurt him. … I trusted that he was gonna do something and he came through. I’m happy that he’s doing it, but now we have to enforce it and he’s got all these people fighting against him,” he said.

Jas was a promising young high school football player who had just received a recruitment call from Stanford a week before he was executed by the illegal immigrant.

During the campaign season, Shaw said he backed Trump because “he has a good heart.”

“What would you expect from someone running for president to do if you heard Americans are being killed by illegals?” he asked.

You’d expect someone to back their fellow Americans and not shed tears for the criminals, gang members, and terrorists infiltrating our nation.

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