Obama Said Texas Is Hostile, Then Chuck Norris DROP-KICKED Him With the Truth!

There is some strange stuff going on in Texas. If you have been reading blogs and twitter, you have heard about Jade Helm, a bizarre and questionable military exercise in Texas which is being kept secret.

While it’s possible to dismiss the concerns as a conspiracy theory, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, who knows more about what’s going on than you or I do, takes the threat very seriously. As he said:

During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.

And as QPolitical notes, there are some major questions about the exercise. We cannot trust Obama to follow the Constitution, which is why so many in Texas are on high alert:

These fears also rise from a strange occurrence on 9/11. On that day there were at least five different war games taking place that morning that all involved hijacked planes, and one training exercise with a real plane being used. This is why there was confusion on the part of military air traffic controllers asking if the legitimately hijacked planes were “real world or exercise.”

That incident has birthed this line of thought that at any moment a military drill can go live and be used as an attack against the American people.

Then people who believe Martial Law is imminent also point to the strange closings of Wal-Marts across the country to redo the plumbing. They point to the fact that there have been no plumbing permits pulled in these cities as evidence that something sinister is happening.

Here is the supposed infographic, from the Obama administration, showing which states are hostile and which are not:

True or not, there is little doubt Obama has no love for America’s most conservative state: Texas.

But Chuck Norris is standing up for Texas and its people. While he respects the military, he can not stand by when a Commander in Chief is possibly ordering illegal operations and martial law on American soil. Here is what he said…

Concerned Texans and Americans are in no way calling into question our brave and courageous men and women in uniform. They are merely following orders. What’s under question are those who are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington. The U.S. government says, “It’s just a training exercise.” But I’m not sure the term “just” has any reference to reality when the government uses it.


If you haven’t heard about Jade Helm 15, you need to. It is multi-state training mission for special operations soldiers scheduled over an eight-week period in July and August, with most of the activity happening on private property but some public, too. The official website press release from March 24 admits: “While multi-state training exercises such as these are not unique to the military, the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart.”

Gov. Abbott was right in writing Maj. Gen. Gerald Betty, “During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed.” Abbott is demanding “regular updates on the progress and safety of the Operation.”

via WND

BOOM! Thank you Chuck for standing up for liberty and freedom! America is a Republic, NOT a monarchy. And the people of Texas deserve better treatment from the Federal government.

Do you support Chuck Norris? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


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  • Let's put Chuck Norris and and Barack Hussein Obama in the ring. Who ever wins becomes the next President and Commander in Chief. :)

  • Noticed that it it only the "RED" states that are "hostile" What next, an executive order outlawing republican votes?

  • yes i support chuck norris completly and yes chuck ive been reading up on jade helm 15 and i dont like what i read and hear on recorded videos ive watched and listened to. something defenatly not right with jade helm 15 all americans need to get their heads out of their butts and start reading everything about jade helm 15 now its very important to do so.

  • Jade Helm is interesting. But NRA says that 95% of Americans own guns. Now I think that number is greater than all of the Military. Even if half the Americans and all the military converge, I think John Q Public wins. Just my thoughts.

  • Hmmm... OK people..here is a touch of reality for both sides of this little debate. Special Forces units will be turned loose in Texas under the guise of an invasion of a hostile nation that has gone FUBAR. The training part is that they are to attempt to blend in with the locals and become inconspicuous. Their objective is to gain safe passage into the "safe zones" which are the "blue" areas on the JH15 map. What they aren't telling everyone is that these operatives are allowed to commit theft (cars, food and clothing), kidnapping (people with cars) and coercion (through false statements) and not be held accountable for it.

  • I think Questionman is a racist. Just because you have an ounce of patriotism, use the brains God has given you, and know who you are and what you want does not make you a racist. Anyone who calls me a racist, does not know me. I was never very patriotic before, however I will not stand by silently and watch my country circling the drain. I am dumb founded as to why congress has not brought Obama up for impeachment. Impeachment is the first step, then he needs to be brought up on charges of treason against this country and its people. I hope I am dead wrong, but I feel sure that Obama will declare martial law, and will stay in the White House until he is forcibly removed. I, as one person, can stand behind the effort to remove him from office, but if the people in power refuse to act I am helpless to do anything but watch. I am scared for my children and there children. If you truly believe what you say Questionman, use your first name. Mine is Peggy. I am not ashamed to use my name with my statements.

  • Don't forget there is such a thing as an unlawful order. You can go to prison for following an unlawful order. History has shown us that the majority of revolutions and overthrowing of governments were started by the military. I have faith that one day a General will stand up and say enough is enough. He probably will be from Texas.

  • There are some on this board that believe Obama is a Muslim who wants to spread Islamic law in the US so let's look at that. When you look carefully at many Islamic countries, you see they tend to share these values; they’re anti-abortion. They’re very supportive of the death penalty. They oppose the separation of church and state. They believe religious doctrine should be taught in school. They believe women should have fewer rights than men. They oppose “multiculturalism” They consider homosexuality as evil and believe gay marriage should be outlawed. So, if Obama really wanted to spread Islamic law in America, he would be a Republican.

  • April 15 bomb explosion Boston, the shooting at a recruitment office in Little Rock 2009, the Hasan shooting also 2009 at fort hood, 2009 underwear bomber that luckily did not go off on flight 253 (this was luck nothing to do with intel), the failed attempt again by luck in New York City May 1 2010 on a car bomb in Times Square, the Jan 17 2011 pipe bomb in Spokane that got defused on the scene, and lets not forget just because it dont happen here on "our soil" there have been quite a few attacks on Americans and others that never should have happened but since it was not on our soil there was more of a relax approach we tend to feel secure as long as it doesn't reach our soil but its the attacks overseas that help them bring in more people, money and the confidence for it to eventually start happening over here and its under Obama this keeps going on with no actions of accountability to take the threats out while most of it is still overseas


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