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HUGE! Chuck Norris Digs Up Hillary Clinton’s Dirt – Shares It With America!


There is no doubt, if Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were anyone else, they would already be in jail for their crimes.

Instead, Hillary is running for President, and she is ruthless. Beyond being an incompetent Secretary of State during the terrorist attack in Benghazi, she has decades of scandals that younger voters weren’t even alive to live through.

Famous actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris is tired of Hillary’s corruption, especially the illegal fundraising practices of the Clinton Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars from hostile foreign countries in exchange for political favors in America.

In his latest column, Chuck takes the gloves off about “Hilpocrisy!”

Of course, you know how Hillary clearly discarded the Freedom of Information Act and federal government requirements through the former secretary of state’s use of a private email account for all her official business and then dumping half of her email. Just last week, senior State Department Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Barr told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Hillary’s email use was “not acceptable”: “I think the message is loud and clear that that is not acceptable.”

And yet, mainstream media and liberal progressives gave her another free pass.

Regarding Benghazi, as Ben Shapiro argued in his book, “The People vs. Barack Obama,” “[T]hose Americans are dead because of Hillary Clinton’s negligence. Clinton may not merely be guilty of negligent homicide – she could also be guilty of violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the Espionage Act for her department’s movement of guns into Libya and Syria without Congressional authorization.”

And this Norman Hsu scandal wasn’t long ago, but how many people remember it? Or the scandals involving her corrupt family? Chuck does!

But do you remember during her first 2007 presidential run, when she acknowledged receiving $850,000 in campaign contributions from convicted criminal Norman Hsu and his intermediaries?

Lowell Ponte explained that, as investigators Edward Timperlake and William Triplett II exposed in their book “Year of the Rat,” during former President Bill Clinton’s presidency, contributors to the Clintons included agents of Chinese organized crime Triad gangs that closely work with China’s Communist government. They would visit the White House, periodically carrying large brown paper bags stuffed with $100 bills.[…]

Remember when Hillary muscled a law firm coordinating lawsuits against the tobacco industry to allow her brother reap some of the benefits – to the tune of $7,000 per hour for his legal work?

And yet, mainstream media and liberal progressives gave her another free pass.

And let’s not forget Hillary’s “miraculous $100,000 from a $1,000 investment in cattle futures through a political favor-seeker in Arkansas” or her “feigned surprise that subpoenaed missing Rose Law Firm billing records were found next to her living quarters in the White House,” again as Ponte noted.

Boom! That will leave a mark. Chuck Norris cuts right to the core about how seriously corrupt Hillary Clinton is.

She hasn’t taken questions from the media in almost a month, but she is given a pass. The last time we heard from her, she was driving around in a van and eating at Chipotle… In the mean time, the liberal media is avoiding asking the tough questions about what seems to be a criminal enterprise: Clinton Inc!

Do you stand with Chuck Norris and oppose Hillary Clinton in 2016? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.