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Christians Are Being Beheaded And Obama’s Number One Priority Is This?!


Radio host Rush Limbaugh hammered President Obama for his consistent adherence to a foreign policy that is unwilling to fight terrorism and true threats to America, but perfectly willing to root out the evils of climate change because it’s perceived as our biggest national security threat.

Arguing that the ‘science’ behind global warming is something that “can no longer be denied or ignored” in his weekly address, President Obama seemingly spoke solely to his ideological, third-grade level mentality, community-organizing base, when he said “There’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.”

It’s a statement you’d expect to see on on elementary school student’s science class poster – it’s a nice sentiment, but the thinking isn’t quite advanced enough to understand reality. But then, that’s our President.

The comments coincided with incidents involving hundreds drowning in an attempt to flee Libya, and even more Christians being beheaded by Islamic State terrorists.

Limbaugh said that Obama’s comments on climate change were “silly” and “not even worth a factual discussion.”

The conservative talk show host went on to attack the entire global warming concept in general.

“There’s no evidence of it,” Limbaugh insisted. “Not one kernel of factual evidence.”

He would then call global warming “one of the biggest scams that has ever been perpetrated on the people of the world.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s commentary below…

Is global warming/climate change, as Limbaugh says, the biggest scientific fraud that liberals have ever perpetrated on the world?

Or perhaps that title, as Clint Eastwood once said, belongs to President Obama himself?