Chris Wallace Whines That It’s ‘Kind Of Sad’ That Republicans Are Not Accepting Biden Win

Fox News host Chris Wallace spoke out on Wednesday to when that it is “kind of sad” some Republican lawmakers are voting to object to the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Chris Wallace Attacks Republicans

“I think that the point that needs to be made is how extraordinary this is. We have never seen what we’re going to see today,” Wallace said. “People point back to 2005 when George W. Bush beat John Kerry, and a congresswoman from Ohio and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California both objected, and both sides went into their separate chambers to debate for two hours about the vote in Ohio. Which was very close and what pushed Bush over the top.”

“The difference is that John Kerry, the failing candidate then, had already conceded, and, in fact, he was very much discouraging and disavowing Barbara Boxer’s effort to hold this objection,” he added. “And in fact, when it got to the Senate, she lost by a vote of 74 to 1.”

“Now you’ve got maybe 100 Republican congressmen, more than a dozen Republican senators. You’ve got the sitting Republican president who’s going to be making a speech in a few minutes saying the election was stolen from him. We have never, ever seen anything like this.”

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Wallace Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Wallace brought up other moments in American history to shame the Republican lawmakers for their behavior.

“I think it’s worth pointing out, this is usually the day when people behave in our democracy —behave well. I mean, in 1961, Richard Nixon was the failing candidate and the sitting vice president, and he had to preside over his defeat in the House of Representatives, and he did it graciously,” he said. “In 2001 when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush by 500 votes in Florida, he shut down some objections from members of the House.”

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“Usually this is the point when everybody comes together,” Wallace concluded. “Losing hurts, but they sit there and say for the greater good country, and in keeping with our democracy and our Constitution, we’re going to recognize that the person who got the most electoral votes won the election. And the fact that that’s not going to happen today is kind of sad.”

This piece was written by James Samson on January 6, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • It's kind of sad that a little pencil necked geek like Chrissy Wallace is supposed to be a "conservative voice". Check your ratings Fox. We aren't listening to your turncoat babbling idiots.

  • Granted that was beyond low for him to do... But.. There's an even sicker one... He made his daughter Ashley take showers with him when she was an adolescent... This guy is a pervert...no doubt about it!

  • Just 13 days away from his inauguration and still Biden can't speak unless he reads something written for him by his puppeteers and reads it off a teleprompter. Can't wait for the day when he can no longer SEE the teleprompter. What's he going to do then? Are his nursemaids going to fit with with a hearing aid so they can remotely tell him what to say? That would be even more of a dead give away because there would be a delay between what he's listening to and what he tries to remember and repeat.

  • Shoes on the other foot Wally. Dems never accepted our president. How does it feel? Sucks doesn't it. Get ready for another 4 years of nothing being done.

  • Chris Wallace can kiss my Viet Nam veteran behind. He's nothing more than spoiled offspring of someone famous trying to ride his father's coattails much like Chelsea Clinton is trying to ride her parents'. He adds nothing to discussions except his name and liberal bias. To me he's right up there with Dan Rather as a useless dreg of society.

  • Sissy Wallace you had cornered our President Trump in the first debate and your Joe Biden is a illegitimate Dumb Jerk. He will never be USA PRESIDENT PERIOD MAN CAN’T THINK OR SPEAK ON HIS OWN SAD BUT TRUE.

  • Wallace, you are living proof that the saying "like father, like son" is totally fabricated. The election was stolen. BIDEN DID NOT WIN!!!! After all we have been through with the President, fake Russia Hoax, Mueller Investigation, investigation of his campaign, and the phoney impeachment, we are all more than just a little pissed the Democrat/Socialists stole the election away from our President. It is so obvious and POTUS cannot get a break and present his evidence, which is overwhelming. air.

  • President Trump DID NOT LOSE - The election was stolen from him because of the mail in ballots, the cheating, the lying, because of Nasty Pelosi, Chuckles Schlumber, Maxi Pad Waters....All of those who believe that socialism is the way of life, remember that when you can't find a roll of toilet paper to wipe your butt with!!!

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