Guess it’s safe to say the tingle running up and down his leg is no longer there.

MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews had an absolute meltdown over the announcement that Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring and President Trump would be nominating his replacement.

The emotional host responded to the news by calling for “vengeance,” vowing there would be “hell to pay” if the Democrats don’t somehow stop this, and likening their efforts to the Spanish Civil War.

Geez, tell us how you really feel, Chris.

Matthews believes Democrats need to treat Republicans in the same manner Merrick Garland was treated when Obama nominated him to replace Scalia during a lame duck term. Liberals are super bitter over the failed Garland pick, especially in light of recent rulings in which Neil Gorsuch has voted in the majority, including affirming Trump’s travel ban and decimating unions over membership dues.

“I don’t think the Democrats should allow meetings to occur with Trump’s nominee to fill this vacancy by Justice Kennedy,” Matthews said. “I think they have to fight eye for an eye for what happened in ‘16 when the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, refused to even consider or even meet with Merrick Garland.”

There are some flaws in that thinking, chief of which are the fact that this is not a presidential election year and Trump is not a lame duck.

Far from offering a reasoned nuance of his strategy, Matthews did what most liberal pundits tend to do on his network (see Rachel Maddow) – he let emotions overtake his commentary.

“The base will attack the leadership for this, if they allow it to happen, and they should,” Matthews said of the Democrat party.

“This is a time for vengeance for what happened two years ago, and if they don’t reap the vengeance now with four and a half months to go before the election, they will not look very strong to their base, and I think they’ll be under attack,” he said.

What kind of attack? Civil War level implications according to Tingles.

“I think it’s going to be almost like Spanish Civil War stuff,” Matthews predicted. “You watch the next few months.”

Matthews also made the following threat should Democrats allow this Trump pick to happen.

“If they allow Trump to fill the Supreme Court with another conservative who will not share Justice Anthony Kennedy’s views on social issues like marriage quality,” he believes, then Democrats “will have hell to pay.”

At least he’s no longer hiding his liberal bias any longer. Perhaps he and Maddow and the DNC can all share a good cry over this. Or maybe he can relax by finding a staffer to make inappropriate comments toward.

Trump is going to make another Supreme Court nomination, and there’s virtually nothing the Democrats are going to be able to do to stop it.

Why? Because they famously nuked the filibuster option on judicial nominees in 2013 and as a result, Republicans now only need 51 votes to confirm Trump’s pick, 50 if McCain is unavailable.

Hmmm, Chris was a big fan of that brilliant idea once upon a time.

A relieved Matthews declared then that Obama and the Democrats “have gone to war with their enemies, finally” in commentary on the nuclear option.

Guess what? Republicans are finally going to war with their enemies, thanks in large part to President Trump.

Matthews hypocrisy is expected, though perhaps the unhinged rants are not.

The pressure of knowing Donald Trump will shape the Supreme Court for decades may be getting to him.