Chris Cuomo Tries To Prove Trump Is The Cause Of ‘Systemic Racism,’ Ends Up Discrediting Obama Instead

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo attempted to show President Trump’s culpability in promoting  ‘systemic racism,’ but wound up using statistics and data from before his time in office.

“[Systemic racism] is a fact that you see everywhere you look in black and white, the immediate proof is in the cabinet, where Trump has one black cabinet member and one black domestic policy advisor,” Cuomo claimed.

He then told viewers to “start with the economy,” while an on-screen chart showed statistics from a Pew Research Center poll distributed in … 2016.

Any idea who was President in 2016?

If he keeps this up, Cuomo might supplant his colleague Don Lemon as the dumbest man on television.

And guess what, he kept it up.

Cuomo proceeded to put up yet another data set on the screen, again from a 2016 study.

As the Obama-era statistics graced the screen, Cuomo said: “So much for Trump’s economy being the best ever for black people.”

So much for Cuomo’s Mensa application.

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Fredo Is Called Out

Viewers were quick to jump on Cuomo’s glaringly obvious mistake.

Pollster Frank Luntz explained, “Tonight, [Chris Cuomo] criticized Trump’s economy while using data that stops in 2016.”

“This is complete incompetence,” he added. “Journalistically and editorially.”

Cuomo might as well pin that to the top of his resume at this point.

Greg Price of the Daily Caller said that what viewers just witnessed was “an unbelievable amount of journalist(ic) incompetence.”

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Consistent Liar

This isn’t the first time Cuomo has been caught creating a fake narrative on his fake show airing on a fake network.

In April, Cuomo was leveled by Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he was caught staging a segment showing him emerging from his basement quarantine.

Turned out – by his own admission – he had been out in public a week earlier, breaking social distancing requirements, and got into an altercation with a “loser, fat tire biker” that required a police report filing.

Cuomo will most likely avoid admitting his mistake and come back with updated statistics to ‘prove’ his point.

Keep in mind, though, that the mainstream media is now doing their best to pretend that the economy is tanking because of Trump’s policies and not a historic pandemic and overblown response by states to shut down businesses.

Prior to that, Trump was making his own history by producing a robust economy that flirted consistently with historically low unemployment rates for all Americans of every race.

Whatever Cuomo does to pivot from this embarrassing mess, remember he was citing Obama’s economy when it came to racial disparities, not Trump’s

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