Chicken-Eating Democrat Tries To Mock Lewandowski During Kabuki Impeachment Inquiry

The House Judiciary Committee hearing started their impeachment inquiry hearing today and Corey Lewandowski was the first on the hot seat.

Let’s put this out there for most of you that aren’t following this mess. Democrats are working their tails off for 2020 election season with soundbites and video clips. They don’t care who they tear down as long as their targets have a connection with the Trump administration. Today, Rep. Steve Cohen, the chicken-eating Democrat used his time to antagonize Lewandowski in an attempt to gain an emotional response.

Lewandowski responded to Cohen’s inquiry that “the president never asked me to do anything illegal” as he took questions about his actions which had been documented in former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. After Cohen mocked Lewandowski, calling him a “secretary” and an “enforcer” for President Trump, he went in for the money shot to goat Lewandowski when he said: “either you were willing to break the law for politics and Mr. Trump, or you’re some kind of a Forrest Gump relating to corruption.”

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Cohen moved from that line of questioning to when Trump had asked Lewandowski to take a message to the former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ordering him to limit the special counsel’s scope. Once again, Cohen mocked Lewandowski for not following through on the president’s request.

“Donald Trump talked to you outside normal channels so there would be no record of anything he asked you to do to obstruct justice. Nothing to do with that at all. The president knew what he was doing was wrong. Mr. Sessions knew what he was doing was wrong. Mr. McGahn knew it was wrong. You seem to be the only person who didn’t think it was wrong. But Mr. Trump was wrong. Because at the last minute, you got cold feet. You chickened out. The president’s trust was misplaceded. You decided not to do what you told the president you were going to do, and you handed it off to somebody else.”


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Watch it here:

If everybody does what Corey is doing, the Left will go nuts. I predict apoplexy attacks and maybe a couple of heart attacks over it. I am absolutely disgusted with the Democrats on this committee. The corruption runs so deep. Every single one of them needs to held accountable for their continued involvement in the attempted coup, and now it’s a coverup.

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I notice how the Dems can dish it out, but they are infuriated by Corey who dished it right back to them in a better battle of wits–with the dims looking stupid and showing their insanity. They should have been Hollywood actors since they are all such grandstanders when the camera is on. They cannot give up this witch hunt and it goes way deeper than what we know.

They want President Trump out of office before Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is forced to retire. They know if Trump appoints another conservative it will make them even more insane.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Wayne Dupree

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  • We paid, and are paying, for 3 years of wasted time on a Russian hoax, innumerable liberal lawyers loyal to Hillary, a phony hearing on Kavanaugh, another "investigation" of Kavanaugh based on a fake news, uncorroborated, story in the NYT, an "impeachment effort" by Jerry Nadler and another "investigation" by Schiff, FISA courts who were lied to but still may be part of the anti-Trump campaign, an DOJ IG (appointed by Obama who really isn't doing that good of a job.....and on and on it goes. The deep state (practically every civil service employee in WASHDC) ....mostly all of this garbage benefits the democrats and the taxpayers have to pay for it....we might as well be run by a socialist oligarchy since that's where our uninformed millennial's, minorities, women, the LGBTQ (or whatever the hell they are), Antifa, BLM, the SQUAD, corrupt Judges, fake Journalist and a host of other hate America people and organizations aided and abetted by the liberal progressive socialist media spend their time trying to destroy the constitution ......it's enough to make you want to move...like all the Hollywood crowd that swore to God they would leave the country in Hillary didn't get elected....and of course the double standard is still alive an well....Comey & all his corrupt pals Brennan and Clapper...it never ends

  • Richardson is a liar and hopeless libturd. If Assange is jailed you are going to see protests like you've never seen before. The MSM encourages, helps, enables and promotes whistleblowers to glean intelligence and that includes the pentagon papers. Assange let our citizens know what criminal incompetents have been doing to undermine our country and line their pockets. He should get a Pulitzer and take away the Pulitzers from the lying mockingbird media reporters who did NOTHING but disseminate a known LIE for 2 and a half years. A KNOWN LIE...did you hear me?

  • Corey L. will make a good Senator. Once he's elected, the first thing he should do is have buckets of chicken delivered to every dem in the House..........while they're in session.

  • Remember the kid(s) that would sit in the back of the school bus and utter childish gibberish just to tick people off, then couldn't take it when someone didn't respond the way they wanted?

    Well, somehow, those immature, gibberish-regurgitating children have been elected and are now sitting on the Left [daycare] side of the House. It's time to kick those kids off the bus, send them home, and replace them with responsible, mature, America-loving conservatives that will do positive things for the future of this nation and its citizens.

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