Soldier’s Hometown Chick-Fil-A Sends Care Package To Iraq

Chick-Fil-A has proven once again why it’s the greatest fast food chain in America.

After a soldier deployed in Iraq sent a message to his hometown Chick-Fil-A asking for help to spice up the bland chicken tenders he and his fellow troops were being served day in and day out, the restaurant responded by sending him two cases of their delicious dipping sauce.

This is fantastic:

Jessie Guajardo and his fellow soldiers had had enough of the bland, overcooked chicken tenders they were being served while on deployment in Iraq. Refrigeration issues severely limited their sauce options, leaving them to suffer through meal after meal of the flavorless meat. That’s when Guajardo, a U.S. Army First Lieutenant from Flower Mound, Texas had an epiphany. What they needed was individually packaged sauces, and he knew just where to get them.

Like any good Southerner, Guajardo turned to his local Chick-fil-A back home in Texas. He wrote them a message on Facebook and asked if they were up for a mission. Would they save them from their inedible chicken?

Two weeks later, Guajardo checked the mail to find two boxes full of packaged sauces sent straight from the Flower Mound Chick-Fil-A: one full of barbecue, and one full of Chick-Fil-A sauce.

Guajardo shared a message of thanks on Facebook, which the Flower Mound Chick-Fil-A then shared to their page:

“I can’t thank Chick Fil A enough for this seemingly small gesture that single handedly picked up the spirits of so many people. Thank you Chick Fil A!” Guajardo wrote.

Chick-Fil-A has proven again and again to be an upstanding organization that cares deeply about their customers and local communities, and this story is no exception. Man – now I want Chick-Fil-A for lunch!

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