Music legend Cher dropped a warning on Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden last week, telling him he needs to get in line on federal funding of abortions because “women are the future.”

She also cautioned against Biden not towing the pro-choice line saying, “Don’t f*** with us.”

Cher, whose biggest concern on social media seems to be a constant losing battle against the ‘Caps Lock’ key, was fired up over Biden’s initial affirmation of support for the Hyde Amendment. The Amendment bars using federal funds for abortions except in the extremely rare cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. A perfectly reasonable and compromising position by most people’s standards.

But if we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that Cher is far removed from the status of ‘reasonable.’

“Joe Made Major Mistake!!” Cher said in her best Frankenstein impression.

She continued (apologies for the horrible attempt at English and grammar):

“Women Who Can Afford Abortion’s Should Pay,Those Women Who cant Pay should be offered FREE Birth Control,Plan B,Abortion Pill,& SAFE Abortion. WOMEN ARE THE FUTURE NOW !! DONT FK WITH US FELLAS.”

Her oratory skills are impeccable.

Despite this outburst, Cher has been a longtime supporter of Biden, defending him when allegations of groping surfaced earlier this year and supporting his presidential run.

“I know Joe Biden and I know him to be a really great man,” she said. “I would love to see him with someone young.”

‘See him with someone young’? Well, isn’t that what got him in trouble with the groping in the first place?

Biden Caved

It may not have been Cher’s threat per se, but there was certainly enough pressure from liberals to force Biden to cave on his decades-long support of the Hyde Amendment.

Embarrassingly, the former vice president succumbed to the pressure and eventually flip-flopped – just days after affirming his original support.

“I’ve been struggling with the problems that Hyde now presents,” Biden said at a recent rally. “I can’t justify leaving millions of women without access to the care they need and the ability to … exercise their constitutionally protected right.”

An absurd statement considering they would still, as the law dictates, be able to exercise that right. They just wouldn’t get taxpayer money for doing something over half the nation morally disagrees with.

Reasonable Cher

Up until this latest outburst, Cher was starting to have some reasonable takes on politics and news of the day, even forming a coherent thought or two and expressing it on social media.

She hammered Bernie Sanders for expressing his belief that terrorists should be given the right to vote.

“Does Bernie Sanders Really Believe Ppl In Prison Who Are Murderers⁉️ Rapists⁉️ Child Molesters⁉️ BOSTON BOMBERS.…STILL DESERVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE⁉️” she asked exasperatedly.

Cher even openly questioned the wisdom of allowing illegal immigrants to gain sanctuary and benefits in her city of Los Angeles when they, and the state of California, can’t even take care of their own American citizens.