Chelsea Clinton Unravels: Blasts Trump And Senate Republicans Over Coronavirus Response

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, just took to Twitter to say she is “full of fury” at President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans over the way they have responded to the coronavirus.

Chelsea came completely unraveled as she attacked Trump and the Senate Republicans who have supported his agenda, going so far as to claim that some of them benefited financially from the lack of response to the coronavirus epidemic.

“I am full of fury at @realDonaldTrump & Senate Republicans,” she tweeted. “For making more vulnerable our already-vulnerable: our children, elderly, people in jail/detention, people who are homeless, people w/o insurance. To find out tonight some profited?” Chelsea added, “As my Grandma Ginger wld say-To satan.”

She posted this alongside a link to a New York Times article about the harm coronavirus is having on children.

Chelsea appears to have been responding to reports that “Republican Sen. Richard Burr (NC) had dumped as much as $1.72 million worth of stocks a week before the market crashed over coronavirus concerns,” according to The Blaze. However, there is no way that Burr could have “profited” off the sale as Chelsea claimed in her tweet, and he has since denied the allegation while calling the report “a tabloid-style hit piece.”

When one social media user accused Chelsea of siding with China, she replied, “Kenny—multiple things can be true. China obfuscated & was slow to respond & then responded ‘bigly.’ In that time, our government should have prepared. To test millions. To ensure front line health workers had sufficient #PPE & train more. To purchase ventilators—We did 0 of that.”

Someone should remind Chelsea that she is more irrelevant now than she has ever been. She is clearly still bitter that President Trump trounced her mother in the election three years ago. She will say anything to portray the president and those who support him in a negative light.

Chelsea has spent her entire life profiting off her parents’ name. She has absolutely no qualifications of her own to hang her hat on, which is why it’s both laughable and pathetic that she actually thinks anyone cares about her political opinions. I guess self-delusion runs in the family: like mother, like daughter!

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on March 21, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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  • so, does anybody actually care what this misbegotten creature has to say? i certainly don't. and the other thing that bore it, either.

  • So you argree with Nasty Peeloosli and we should fund illegals, Planned Murderhood, Public Bull S hit aka PBS and billions more pork? You are one stupid a ss!

  • Who? Chelsea c ...c’mon. The authority of NOTHING. Her credentials? Living in a $10 million mansion paid by the stolen money’s of Haitians.
    look mom I got another degree in the subject of BULLSH!t

  • Your Slick is in the WH now and is about to steal $500B from the American people unless Congress grows some balls. Who steals monies sanctioned for the distressed American people in the CARES bill. Trump doesn't want any overisght to where/who these monies go??? Once corrupt always corrupt.

  • COngress House members MUST request formal investigations be opened via NASD and/or FTC for insider trading. There is a process in place and since the congress fall under same law I am sure it is occurring as we speak. They will be served before the years over if i had to guess, Senators, senators wife's these guys are merciless when folks cross the lin which these Senators DID

  • Can someone remind me who she is again?? Why don’t you dip into the money the Clinton foundation has?? Oops that could effect you!!! POS

  • This girl loves her parents! She is their mouthpiece - at least mommy's! She has been brought up this way and will always be non-thinking and loyal to them.

  • Our best asset is that her mother didn't win. She has a lot of nerve saying anything about anybody considering the family she is from. They are a disgrace to the USA.

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