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Chelsea Clinton: It’s OK for Media To Attack Ivanka Trump

My, my, my how the tables have turned. Back when Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008, Chelsea Clinton absolutely refused to entertain any questions about her father’s sexual dalliances. However, now that Ivanka Trump is the one in the hot seat, Chelsea seems to think that President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter is fair game to all sorts of criticism.

Chelsea told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert Monday night that “anyone who works for the president should expect to be scrutinized for whatever decisions not only he or she is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day.” Presumably, this means that Chelsea believes Ivanka should expect to be criticized for Trump’s alleged behavior toward women – and of course, the media agrees with her.

Last month, Ivanka shocked a lot of liberals when she told NBC’s Peter Alexander that it was “inappropriate” to ask her whether she believed her father’s accusers. But can anyone blame her? What daughter would want to field questions about her father’s alleged sexual antics? Chelsea certainly didn’t, but no one criticized her for dodging those questions.

But if plunging the knife into her so-called friend’s back wasn’t enough, Chelsea also gave it a good twist. “I think unfortunately this administration is the collision of cruelty and incompetence,” she told Colbert.

In a 2016 interview with Fox News, Ivanka – who clearly holds different political opinions from those of her father – called Chelsea a “great friend.” But apparently Chelsea doesn’t feel the same. “I have not spoken to her in a long time,” she told Colbert. “It’s clear though that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with.”

Like a true Democrat, Chelsea just can’t keep a friendship for politics. And, unfortunately, the media continues to completely enable her holier-than-thou attitude.

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