Chaos Ensues Over Toilet Paper As Son Punches His Own Mother For Her Supply

Calm down people!

Toilet Paper

Americans have been in isolation for weeks now, and in that time, toilet paper has become one of the hottest commodities around, as people are desperate not to run out. This was shown in a big way on Monday, when a 26 year-old man was arrested for punching his own mother for her supply of toilet paper.

The man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother in the town of Saugus after he came to suspect that she was hiding toilet paper, according to ABC 7. Police were reportedly called to the home at 3am on Monday to respond to a family occurrence that took place when Adrian Yan punched his mother after accusing her of hiding toilet paper around the house.

“Family disturbance calls can start out over small things, and then they escalate,” the local sheriff’s office wrote on social media. “Deputies responded to call where family members were arguing with each other because one felt the other one hid toilet paper. It turned into physical confrontation. One got arrested.”

Police arrested Yan at the scene on suspicion of battery.

Shirley Miller of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station told the Los Angeles Times that the mother admitted that she had been hiding toilet paper from Yan because she feels that he uses too much. She added that reports of family violence have increased all over the country in recent weeks as relatives have found themselves crammed together in tight quarters due to the shelter-in-place directive.

“It was to be expected, it’s happening everywhere,” she said.

This comes after Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva expressed concerns about the anticipated increase in domestic violence calls during the pandemic.

Toilet paper has been flying off the shelves since the pandemic began, which has led to a shortage of the product that has caused many to panic. That’s why it’s likely that you can unfortunately expect more of this violence over toilet paper in the weeks to come.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on April 8, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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