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Cesar Sayoc Arrested in Connection to Democrat-Targeted Bomb Scare

The FBI have arrested Cesar Sayoc in connection to the bombing scare that has targeted prominent Democrat officials and news organizations.

The arrest came just in time as more bomb targets were revealed this morning: CNN’s James Clapper and Sen. Cory Booker. Like the others, including George Soros, former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Robert DiNiro, CNN, the bombs did not detonate. This makes 12 pipe bombs received in just five days, and after Clapper and Booker received their packages, the FBI made an arrest.

According to The Hill, Sarah Isgur Flores, the FBI will be revealing more information about the suspect and his crimes later today.

In footage from the site of the arrest, a van belonging to the suspect is shown littered in political stickers.

Images of the suspect’s van show a photograph of Trump, the GOP elephant, and Democrat donkey alongside unclear text. The messages are presumably pro-Trump.

FBI agents began covering the van after the arrest was made, indicating that it belongs to the suspect.

Despite appearances, we should refrain from jumping to conclusions until the FBI announces their findings. That point cannot be emphasized enough during these heated moments.