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Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald Resigns

Breaking news this morning as the Director for the Center for Disease Control has resigned. This is a big blow for the Trump Administration. The reason why is scandalous:

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Axios has the full story:

Brenda Fitzgerald, the embattled director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has resigned. Fitzgerald has consistently faced questions about financial conflicts of interest, and those questions intensified yesterday after Politico reported that she had purchased stock in tobacco companies after taking the helm at the country’s top public health agency.

This is a glaring conflict of interest that should have been flagged way earlier. As the head of the CDC, Fitzgerald has an obligation to public health. Her interests in tobacco companies run up against that obligation.  At the very least, she should have disclosed those interests from the outset. As it stands, she really has no choice but to resign.

This is unfortunately not the first Trump Administration official to resign who works within the health sphere. Last year, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Tom Price, a respected doctor and former lawmaker from Georgia, had to resign after it was discovered that he was taking private airline trips on the public’s dime.

These lapses and mishaps add up. The more high-profile officials leave the Trump Administration, the more dysfunctional it appears, which only provides fodder and a narrative to the media that Trump is a bad president.

President Trump needs to right this course, and only fill his administration with the most worthy individuals going forward. No more mistakes. Otherwise, the Democrats are going to cream the Republicans in the upcoming November midterm elections.

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