Celebrities To Host Prime-Time Fundraiser For Ukraine While Americans Suffer Financially

NBC has announced a star-studded, celebrity spectacle set to be aired in prime time aimed at raising funds for Ukraine, even as everyday Americans continue to struggle with their own finances.

Some celebrities slated to appear include celebrity chef José Andrés, along with musicians and actors such as Kristen Bell, Alicia Keys, Jeff Daniels, and Brad Paisley.

A group of Broadway performers will also come together for a musical rendition of “What the World Needs Now Is Love.”

The hour-long benefit, according to the network, will air on Sunday. It has been dubbed: “Ukraine: Answering the Call.”

Who, exactly, is answering the call in Hollywood for Johnny or Jane America, who currently have no idea how they’re going to afford their next tank of gas, just so they can get to work to support their family?

Celebrities couldn’t be more out of touch if they tried.

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Celebrity-Filled Prime Time Ukraine Fundraiser

Also set to make an appearance during the prime-time celebrity-filled fundraiser will be Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is so focused on the terrible war in his country that he will have time to make his own remarks.

Zelensky also had the opportunity to meet last week with Ben Stiller, star of Meet the Fockers.

“It’s a great honor for me,” Stiller said during the meeting. “You’re my hero!”

“What you’ve done, the way that you’ve rallied the country, the world, it’s really inspiring.”

During the broadcast, viewers will be able to call in to donate to the International Rescue Committee, an organization designed to aid those affected by humanitarian crises.

Why the celebrities themselves, who make much more than the average American watching at home, don’t simply donate to the cause quietly and go about their day instead is anybody’s guess.

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Tens of Billions Already Sent to Ukraine

News of the prime-time special for Ukraine comes as the Biden administration announces more aid to the war-torn nation on a nearly weekly basis.

Tens of billions of dollars of military hardware, including rifles and pistols, have been sent to foreigners in Ukraine. And while that happens, Hollywood likes to lecture law-abiding Americans on gun control.

When do you think these celebrities will put together a PSA or prime-time special for Americans?

CNBC reports that with inflation spiking to 40-year highs and gas prices draining wallets across the nation, “58% of Americans — roughly 150 million adults — live paycheck to paycheck.”

Sure, the world could use a little love. And they could use a fundraiser or two. How’s about helping out the American people as well, Hollywood?

Just last month, the Senate passed a $40 billion military, economic and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine on the very same day they blocked a $48 billion pandemic relief package for American small businesses.

Where were these celebrities then, surrounded by sad-eyed regular Americans and promising that you too can help them out for just 19 cents a day?

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) voted ‘no’ on a House version of the Ukraine aid package saying, “It’s time to pay attention to our country and our borders.”

What is so hard to understand about that?

President Biden, just two weeks ago, announced another $1 billion military aid package to Ukraine.

“Ukraine: Answering the Call” will air Sunday at 7 p.m.

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