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BREAKING: Carrie Underwood and Husband Have HORRIBLE News – I Didn’t Expect This!

America’s sweetheart Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher had a scary Saturday. What they went through is what every parent has nightmares about.

Carrie and her family had to smash a car window after her dogs locked the car doors by accident. Trapped inside was their son Isiah, who is only 4 months old.

In the hot Summer sun, just minutes trapped in the heat of a car can injure or kill a baby. The car windows act like a greenhouse, and magnify the heat in serous ways.

Carrie Tweeted about in the incident below:

Thankfully, Isiah and the dogs are safe!

When a child is locked in a car, no window will get in the way of parents saving their child. Carrie and her family did what anyone would do in that situation… Swift action was necessary!

God Bless Carrie Underwood and Isiah! Let us pray for her family’s safety.


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  • It occurs to me that those dogs are in need of some punishment. What they did is much like what Obama has done to America. And while we roast alive, as Obama wants us to, I just wonder which candidate is willing to break the window to rescue us. You can bet that none of the democrat candidates would. They'd give excuses about climates changing, and how "common sense" dictates that you can't FIX something by BREAKING something else. But it's all just distraction gobledegook which they excel at. America NEEDS saving, in a big way. I hope those out there who TRULY love America will go to the polls in November 2016 and vote for whichever candidate the GOP has put on the ticket.

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