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BRUTAL Meme Exposes The Biggest Supporters Of ‘Gun Free Zones!’

gun free zone

No matter where or when they happen, any crime committed with a gun inevitably gets the same goofy response from Democrats: “Ban all guns!”

For some reason, Democrats think that guns commit crimes, rather than people. That’s why they think guns will read their “no guns allowed” signs and break themselves apart before they can shoot anyone!

The real truth is, the only people who love “gun free zones” more than Democrats are criminals and terrorists. That’s why the worst shootings and most terrible crimes are often committed in places where no one could defend themselves.

Check it out – the biggest supporters of gun free zones:

gun free zone

H/T: Liberty Alliance

There’s a reason Islamic terrorists have attacked Americans where we can’t fight back, in places like California (which has heavily restrictive gun control), Washington, D.C. (Which is even worse), or National Guard centers where our TROOPS aren’t allowed to carry guns!

Democrats are too dangerous to be left in power. If it were up to them, they’d leave us defenseless in every town in America.

What do you think? Who loves gun free zones more, Democrats or terrorists?