YouTube Scolded For Shutting Down Firearms Parts Dealer’s Channel

Brownells is one of America’s foremost firearms parts companies, and their YouTube channel is a great educational resource for firearms operation and safety. However, as part of their ongoing war against both the First and Second Amendments, YouTube shut down the Brownells channel “without warning or notice” over the weekend.

Brownells sent a tweet on Saturday notifying their followers that YouTube had “terminated” their channel, and urged supporters to contact Google and YouTube in protest. (RELATED: Mike Rowe Gets ‘Restricted’ by YouTube).

It didn’t take long for pro-gun Americans to rally behind Brownells. Google was inundated with calls and messages, and many people expressed their support for Brownells on social media.

Indeed, terminating Brownells’ channel was a moronic, unbelievably biased move on YouTube’s part. Denying people access to information about proper gun safety and maintenance is a surefire way to make guns even more dangerous and deadly.

Thankfully, there was enough public outcry from people with brains YouTube restored the Brownells channel on Monday.

Perhaps anti-gun companies like YouTube should worry less about commonsense gun control and more about commonsense gun safety.

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Ann is a conservative political blogger whose work has appeared on Bleacher Report and America Liberty PAC. Nothing angers her more than the Nanny State and taxes. Prior to making the jump to political writing she worked in web marketing and sports writing; now she utilizes the skills gained in those industries to broaden the impact of conservative media and fight back against political correctness and liberal elitism.

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  • How long are we going to continue to suffer this crap from the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical compost heaps.
    It is time to make believers out of these scum

  • Ixquick(changing name to Startpage) and Startmail are two apps protected by strong Dutch privacy acts, and do not cooperate with PRISM or Five Eyes. A VPN with offices and servers in an EU country with strong privacy laws also adds another level of protection to your personal browsing habits.

    • I failed to state that they are not influenced or controlled by Google - nor Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Homeland Security, et al.

  • @Scott in Atlanta. Thinks for the info on Duck Duck GO. I just added it to Chrome.
    I am also going to try Good Gopher.

    GuessWho (Gainesville Georgia Area)

  • I don't use Google and I do not watch YouScrewed videos. The best way to defeat these Stalinistic demons is to ignore them and not use their products. There are other search engines, folks. Tried Duck Duck Go? Their corporate policy is to NEVER sell or collect data on you. Reason enough to fire Gargle and use them instead.

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