FEMA Director Brock Long Criticizes Media Coverage of Puerto Rico Relief Effort

CNN host Kate Bouldan just got taken to task over coverage of what’s happening in Puerto Rico during the hurricane cleanup.

Brock Long, director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), didn’t like the way the line of questioning was going. When it got to a certain point, he pulled control of the conversation away from the CNN host, and blasted the media for their pathetic attempts to shut down all news updates on Puerto Rico relief.

Bouldan, who clearly didn’t know anything about the relief efforts, asked a question she didn’t have the answer to and Long didn’t like it. Bouldan asked would there be a military leader presence in the territory to assist in the relief effort.

That’s when Long set her straight: “A sustainment force of [Department of Defense] was deployed several days ago.”

That, my friends, is called a burn.

Oh, but it got worse. Long continued: “There was a press conference held this morning in Puerto Rico with General Kim, Admiral Hughes, my staff, and the governor to talk about jointly where we are versus where we need to be. That was not picked up by major media networks across the country this morning.”

You can see the disdain Long has for CNN and the entire media for not reporting on his agency’s progress. Here’s the deal: The media would rather go after President Trump and make him look bad than cover anything related to the relief effort after a major hurricane.

This is all to make President Trump look bad. Period. It has nothing to do with helping people affected by the storm. Which is just sad.

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