The liberal media followed around leftists at the Women’s March on Saturday in Washington, D.C. They claimed to be fighting for rights and liberties, but some activists clearly didn’t think very hard about their signs.

One woman held a sign that said “I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.” Hmmmm… What does that mean?

As Gun Rights Across America’s viral post notes, the sign couldn’t be further from the truth:

This poor lady….
– She wants you to wait 72 hours after you go out to buy a woman while you await a background investigation.
– She wants women to be banned from entering schools and college campuses.
– She wants women banned from polling places on Election Day.
– She wants you to pay a fee to the state before you carry a woman on your person.
– She wants some women banned simply because they look too scary.
– She wants women banned from all airports.
– She wants women to be locked up at all times when not in use.
I wholeheartedly disagree with her!!!

Does she want you to have more than one, too? And perhaps women should come with silencers?

That is brilliant! Our Second Amendment liberties are constantly under assault by state and local governments which limit gun access through paperwork, fees, and extensive bureaucratic hurdles. This is more evident in Washington, D.C., where it’s nearly impossible for anyone to own a firearm and concealed carry is strictly forbidden.

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