Over a week after the midterms, Broward County still hasn’t produced a vote tally, and many have speculated that’s due to orchestrated fraud. Now after calls for her termination, elections supervisor Brenda Snipes is reportedly considering stepping down from the position.

It’s not exactly a vote of confidence that Snipes was caught destroying ballots to help rig local elections towards Democrats. She faced no real consequences for that, and has somehow kept her position as elections chief for the county.

According to the Florida based station Local 10 ABC:

Snipes said Tuesday that she’s considering stepping aside as Broward County supervisor of elections after the recount, amid a firestorm of criticism over how her office has handled recent elections. ‘It is time to move on,’ Snipes said. ‘I haven’t finalized that. I’ll just check with my family. They’ll tell me what I’m doing.'”

She may have gotten away with election tampering before, but now the eyes of the nation are on Snipes. Jeb Bush, who appointed Snipes, God bless him, has called for her resignation, and President Donald Trump has tweeted that law enforcement is looking into potential election fraud. Rick Scott has also filed a lawsuit which alleges “Their [Snipes and company] goal is to keep mysteriously finding votes until the election turns out the way they want.”

Snipes responds to Scott’s lawsuit

Snipes’ comments that she could step down come after a disastrous interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo last night. In response to Cuomo pointing out that Scott filed a lawsuit alleging fraud, she replied incoherently, “We don’t select who we give our information to. We give the information to those persons who have requested it and I believe the public records request says ‘In a timely manner,’ and we attempt to do that. And we try to balance everything. We’re finishing up one of the biggest elections — as I mentioned earlier — for the midterm, so we’re trying to get everything complete. And as far as I know, we had a team working on that.”

That was her attempt at explaining why there still isn’t a vote tally completed, by the way.

It’s still incredible how Snipes is even in a position where she can simply step down. Can you really have two election tampering scandals under your belt and still hold a position as an election supervisor in Broward County?

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